10 Best Summer Vacation Destinations in Australia

If you are waiting to step out of the four walls of your house and looking forward to spending some great summer vacation time, then there can be no better destination than Australia.

There are so many destinations in Australia that will provide pleasure to your eyes and most definitely soothe your tired lockdown ridden soul.

Here are the 10 best summer vacation destinations in Australia that you can visit after the travel restrictions get lifted.

1. The Gold Coast

10 Best Summer Vacation Destinations in Australia | 1. The Gold Coast

You simply cannot avoid the Gold Coast when you are thinking of spending your summer holidays in Australia. The Gold Coast is exquisitely beautiful with its long stretches of beach, which are not only big but also properly patrolled. The long tract of golden sand that runs along the beach from Paradise Point to Coollangatta is truly heavenly.

In addition to the beautiful beach and the long stretch of sand, there are various attractions in the Gold Coast. You can enjoy shopping and dining to your heart’s fulfilment. Apart from that, there are multiple family attractions in the location. Just the way students ask for sql assignment help, you can take the help of this guide and soothe your wanderlust.

2. Wye River

10 Best Summer Vacation Destinations in Australia

Wye River is a gem of a place that is perfectly appropriate for spending your summer vacation. The coastal town of Wye River is completely surrounded by Great Otway National Park where you can think of those cute little koalas and dense and lush greenery enamouring you with all its beauty.

The Great Ocean Road also surrounds the Town of Wye River where you can totally get the beach vibe. Just imagine the way you will enjoy the beautiful beaches with no shoes on and so close to Mother Nature. The beach is truly reminiscent of the warm past of your lost childhood which will make you absolutely nostalgic.

3. Mornington Peninsula

10 Best Summer Vacation Destinations in Australia | 3. Mornington Peninsula

If you are someone who loves to have a share of everything when you go for your summer vacations in Australia, then Mornington Peninsula is made for you. It will offer you bits and pieces of everything, ranging from, beaches, vineyards, forests and mountains.

If your busy schedule and the busy roads are making you quit driving, then you can fulfil all your wishes as this place offers you an opportunity to drive across beautiful little towns in order to visit them. Mornington Peninsula also offers you cool weather, thereby, helping you to escape the heat of Melbourne.

4. Robe

10 Best Summer Vacation Destinations in Australia | 4. Robe

Robe can be considered as one of the most favourite summer holiday destinations for closely-knit families. It will provide you and your family with the quietude that you seek in order to beat the noise and humdrum of the cityscape. The town of Robe is located on the Limestone Coast in South Australia.

You can devote yourself to exploring the seafaring history of the town by simply tying your shoes for long walks along the different paths of the town. You can also most definitely check out the 84 historical sites that have been beautifully restored to quench your thirst for knowledge.

5. Wineglass Bay

10 Best Summer Vacation Destinations in Australia | 5. Wineglass Bay

Just the way students pay to write a research paper, similarly, you can also pay to visit a place that helps you in beating the extreme heat of the summer season. The best way in which you can escape the scorching heat is by flying to Tasmania. It is the perfect balm that can provide you with immense calm as well as offer you the most desired break.

The Freycinet National Park area will enamour you with its pristine beaches as well as the pink-hued mountains which are known as Hazards. You can do so many things here, starting from visiting winery tours, biking, hiking and so on.

6. Albany

10 Best Summer Vacation Destinations in Australia | 6. Albany

Summer holidays are somehow mostly related to enjoying yourselves in the coastal areas of Australia. That is primarily the reason why Albany has made it to the list of best summer vacation destinations in Australia. You can visit the Brig Amity which is a replica of the ship that brought the first settlers of Albany to the destination. You can delve into the whaling history of Albany by visiting the Historic Whaling Station.

If you are a sucker for all kinds of adventures and would not mind going hiking, then Torndirrup National Park is your treasure chest of treasure.

7. Barossa Valley

10 Best Summer Vacation Destinations in Australia | 7. Barossa Valley

In case you want to escape the noise and pollution of city life and enjoy a number of leisurely wine tours, then all you need to do is drive from the beautiful city of Adelaide and reach the destination of Barossa Valley.

You can also relax your tired city life ridden soul with some amazing spas in the beautiful resorts. Visit renowned restaurants and try out classic wines during your summer tour. You will not only enjoy this getaway but also feel extremely rejuvenated from the tour.

8. Port Macquarie

10 Best Summer Vacation Destinations in Australia | 8. Port Macquarie

If you love the waters in order to escape the scorching summer heat and the humid weather conditions, then Port Macquarie is your ideal summer vacation destination. Younger and older kids can enjoy the multiple water sports that the location has to offer such as diving, paddle boarding, surfing, and kayaking and so on.

If you are someone who loves koalas and would enjoy simply watching them, then look no further, visit Port Macquarie.

9. Noosa

10 Best Summer Vacation Destinations in Australia | 9. Noosa

The Sunshine Coast is best for the ones who love to spend some alone time with themselves or even with their families. You can walk and run along the cliffs that overlook the ocean in the national park during the calm and cool mornings.

After that, you can simply immerse yourself in the ocean and enjoy a cup of coffee at Bistro C. Just the way students pay to do homework, you can pay to enjoy some alone time on the beach of Noosa.

10. Whitsundays

10 Best Summer Vacation Destinations in Australia | 10. Whitsundays

If you wish to soothe your eyes with beauty and glory then you most definitely need to visit Whitsundays. It is set within the Great Barrier Reef marine park which will offer you great opportunities of viewing white sands and enjoying snorkelling, diving, sailing and paddle boarding.

You can also relax in luxurious hotels and spas or delve into the rich beauty of the place.