5 Concierge Services Tips For 2021

As more people find themselves becoming busier and time becoming somewhat of a luxury – it is no wonder the modern man and woman are turning to concierge services in 2021 to help streamline their travel experience by optimizing their time and experiences on a trip.

Whether planning a vacation, a weekend trip, or travelling solely for business – a concierge service provides you with the best luxury travel options combined with access to places and events that not even money can usually sway. Often trained professionals that are local to the area with vast experience and a wealth of network connections – concierges can handle every element of your trip so that you don’t have to. Instead, you can sit back, cocktail in hand, and know your dinner reservations, taxis and accommodation are all in somebody else’s more than capable hands.

You might be thinking what is a concierge and can they really make such a difference? Well, a concierge service is every luxury traveller’s secret weapon. Perhaps you need front row seats to the biggest shows, a private jet to whizz you from Miami to New York, or a Michelin star dining experience? No matter the request with a concierge in place, almost anything is possible.

Of course, if you are making use of a concierge service, you like the finer things in life, so making sure you find the best concierge service that will be able to pamper all of your desires and pull off the best results is very important. Follow our top tips to ensure that you experience the best concierge service in 2021.

1.  Plan With Enough Time

5 Concierge Services Tip In 2021

Like with anything – time is golden. If you provide your concierge service with a little bit of notice about travelling and the days and times you would like to do certain activities – it gives them the foundations to tailor the best experiences. Like, finding the best Michelin star restaurants and booking front row seats to sell-out shows.

Generally speaking, concierge services tend to be at their busiest during the morning so, try contacting them in the after then, and you will probably receive better contact and results.

Top tip: If you are looking for your concierge service to provide you with private jet travel at the drop of a hat, consider getting yourself jet fractional ownership – that way, you’ll be whizzing all over the globe in no time at all with no stress.

2.  Consider The Details

5 Concierge Services Tip In 2021

Concierge services are in high demand and often find themselves catering to many outlandish requests. Ensure you are clear with what it is you want and are expecting from yours. Try providing a list of things you like – taste in food, enjoyable activities, or preferred travel methods. Any insight into what you like and enjoy means that your concierge service can try and tailor everything to what you love, making the best experience possible for you.

It may not seem important but, a concierge service only gets better the more information they have about your preferences. Simply highlighting things you do not like or enjoy isn’t very helpful – leaving a broad category of things you could love! Always be upfront and honest about what you prefer. That way, you know your concierge service will provide you with the best experience possible – which ultimately is what it is all about.

3.  Develop A Rapport

5 Concierge Services Tip In 2021

A concierge service is there to answer your beck and call, work to your demands, and ultimately impress you. However, it never hurts to build a great relationship with your chosen concierge. A good relationship will undoubtedly make the exchange of details and preferences between yourself and them more efficient and therefore more likely to reap better results for you.

Creating a relationship now will only make your future with your concierge better. They will know you -they will know what makes you tick. They will work hard to ensure everything you could desire and more finds its way to you. You might even find that they end up going the extra mile. But, always be sure to keep things professional.

4.  Never Be Shy

5 Concierge Services Tip In 2021

It is important to remember that concierge services are professionals – trained to hunt down and source the best and the most luxurious events, travel, restaurants, etc. Never feel your requests are too outlandish or unattainable.

A concierge puts your happiness and achieving your goals and desires at the forefront of all that they do. They have connections many of us couldn’t even dream of, and most of the time, they can pull off pretty much anything you want, just so long as you ask for it. If your request is outside of the realms of possibility (incredibly unlikely unless you’re asking for a trip to the moon), the concierge will tell you and, be sure to put forward a proposal of alternatives. 

5.  Be Appreciative

5 Concierge Services Tip In 2021

Lastly, always be polite and kind to whomever you deal with at the concierge service. There will, of course, be the odd occasion when they may be unable to provide you with your goals. Rest assured that they would have tried their absolute best – putting in a lot of hard work. Remember this and try to be appreciative – understand that things won’t always work out exactly how you wish them to.

If you are nice to your concierge service, they’ll want to keep working for you and continue working tirelessly to fulfil everything you ask of them. Concierge services are dedicated professionals who are available 24 hours a day to grant your every wish and demand.

Try not to leave your manners at the exit of your private jet – thank your concierge service. A little politeness goes a long way and helps again to build those relationships mentioned before.  A strong relationship with your concierge creates a great team between yourself and them. A team that knows each other works together and makes the best trips and travel plans possible.


There you have our five top tips for utilizing concierge services in 2021. It’s all about knowing what you want, asking for it, and being appreciative when you get it. Follow these, and you’ll be jetting around the world, watching world-class shows in the front row, and eating the best award-winning food in no time.

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