5 Ways To Treat Anxiety Easily At Home

Living with anxiety can make you believe anything and unleash your darkest fears. Generally, our mind causes us to feel anxious at the idea of things that never happen. Even though this is true for many, it doesn’t make the experience of anxiety any easier. Dealing with your mental health issues in a safe environment is ideal for easing your fears rather than fueling them to the point where you suffer a panic attack. Home is often the safest place to address our anxiety, and the following are five simple practices you can adopt at home to lead a less anxious life.

5 Ways To Treat Anxiety Easily At Home

Take CBD

Although there is nothing wrong with taking traditional medication, some people prefer to treat their anxiety with natural alternatives. If this is your preference, then CBD might be the natural compound you have been waiting for. CBD is a cannabinoid found in the Cannabis sativa plant species. Unlike THC, CBD is a non-intoxicating psychoactive. There are no risks of becoming high with CBD, nor can you experience paranoia and increase your anxiety level.

CBD can do wonders for your anxiety because it works like an eraser—removing the negative thoughts and emotions overwhelming you. It does so in two ways. Primarily, CBD can trigger the production of the ‘happy chemical’ known as serotonin. The latter is that which infuses us with feelings of well-being. Secondly, CBD works on the GABA levels in the brain. Thanks to its work on this neurotransmitter, users are better able to handle challenging situations calmly.

In return, CBD leaves you with a clearer headspace, less stress, and more energy. You can easily take CBD at work because it is discreet, and its effects are not mind-altering, but if you are a newbie, it is best to try it at home first to notice how the cannabinoid affects your mind and body. Thanks to its legalization, finding high-quality CBD-infused products such as Sunday Scaries is a more accessible process. You can ingest it sublingually with a few drops of CBD oil under your tongue or eat a CBD gummy.

5 Ways To Treat Anxiety Easily At Home


Meditation is the most critical thing you can do to treat your anxiety. The practise of sitting still and watching your thoughts without reacting to them is how you can teach yourself to remain calm when anxious thoughts overwhelm you. As Zen masters explain, sitting down meditation is not about fighting your thoughts or not thinking. Instead, it is about becoming the watcher of these thoughts and emotions.

Think of sitting down meditation as a time where you perceive the ongoing traffic of your mind without taking these thoughts and feelings seriously. So if you are worried about suffering a panic attack in a public place, refrain from fighting this scary thought into oblivion. Instead, accept it as it is. Home is the best place to practice sitting down meditation. You can sit in a lotus position or comfortably on a chair, close your eyes and watch your breath. You can also use helpful apps such as Headspace or Calm to become more proficient in this practice.

5 Ways To Treat Anxiety Easily At Home

Remain aware of your breath

If sitting down meditation is not appealing, then consider practising being in a constant meditative state. This practice is critical to lead an anxious-free life because it reminds you to focus on the present. When you are aware of your breathing, you are not regretting past mistakes or fearing future scenarios. Instead, you are in the present where life is. The enlightened beings in this world can remain constantly aware of their breath even in chaotic situations. It is more complicated than you think to stay in a constant meditative state.

Still, if you make it a point to bring yourself back to your breathing whenever you realize that you are thinking of future or past scenarios, you will notice anxiety being less of an issue. You can practice awareness of your breathing wherever you are. However, as a newbie, you can do so with more focus at home as you can switch off the distractions such as your phone or the tv. Take advantage of every minute to practice mindfulness. As Thich Nhat Hanh explains, if you are washing the dishes, that should be the most important thing. If you are having tea, then make that cup the centre of your focus.

5 Ways To Treat Anxiety Easily At Home

Prepare healthy food

Food is fuel for the body, but it is significant for our mental health as well. Studies show how a diet where sugar is prominent can lead to more anxiety and mood swings. You may not always eat healthy when you are on the go but if you are at home, prioritize making healthy meals to nourish your mental health. Dark greens, omega-3 rich foods, and healthy fat are the superstars that can strengthen your mental health. Stock up on all-natural nut butter, fruit, and your favourite vegetables to find it easier to eat healthy when you are hungry.

5 Ways To Treat Anxiety Easily At Home

Burn off adrenaline

Anxious thoughts and panic attacks increase our adrenaline and cause the body to be in a continual state of fight-or-flight mode. This constant inner battle can leave you chronically tired. Exercise is a healthy medium you can choose to burn off excess adrenaline. So when you are at home, make time to move and push your body out of its comfort zone. Get your body used to experiencing an accelerated heart rate for exercise rather than panic attacks.

There is nothing easy about a life filled with anxiety, but here is something that you have never realized before. There is no need or use in fighting anxiety because that only makes your fears stronger. Instead, you must recognize that these anxious thoughts and feelings are simply that. As the best spiritual teachers like to remind us, we are not our thoughts, nor are we our emotions. We are the awareness behind them. These thoughts and feelings will come and go, but your essence is always there, unchanging, strong, and most importantly, still.

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