5 Ways To Treat Your Muscle Strain In 2021

Are you an athlete always suffering muscle pull every time you are in heavy activity? You might be wondering how you can possibly treat the problem and possibly stop it entirely from happening. Muscle strains are usually uncomfortable, and they can become painful depending on the extent of the damage. 

During heavy exercises, work, or activities that require sudden movements of body parts, you might experience a muscle sprain. It usually happens due to a sudden stretch or twist of muscles, tendons, and cartilages. The sudden force causes the muscles to tear and break some of their blood vessels and nerve endings. 

The nerve damage is responsible for severe pain in the area where you experience a muscle sprain. The pain you experience varies according to the tissue damaged and the extent of the injury. Such injuries can hinder you from participating in your favorite sport or going to work for some time. 

Quick treatment is essential to relieve yourself of the pain and promote muscle healing so that you can resume your activity soon. This article helps you to treat your muscles at home with five simple tips. 

1. Cold Therapy 

Muscle strains can be painful when there is tissue rapture or damage to nerves. The pain can be unbearable depending on the extent of the sprain. A cold therapy, also known as cryotherapy, can help you relieve the pain and promote muscle healing. 

Cold treatment works by constricting the blood vessels and lowering blood flow to the affected area. Reduced blood flow can ease the extent of the pain until the muscles heal. The process also alleviates inflammation. Use cold therapy when you suspect that you have a tendon or injury and muscle strains around joints. 

Another effect of applying cold therapy on the affected area is that it reduces nerve activity and reduces the transmission of pain signals. You can use ice packs or coolant sprays. You may also consider consulting professional cryotherapy in Dubai for an ice massage on the affected tissues. 

2. Heat Treatment 

The use of heat treatment on a muscle strain works conversely to cold therapy. However, the processes achieve the same results. This treatment uses the heating up of the affected region to enhance blood flow. Promoting the blood flow to a damaged tissue can also lower the pains while promoting the healing process. 

With heat therapy, you also promote muscle relaxation. Relaxed muscles are less painful. This method is beneficial when you use it for longer. The extent of heat therapy you will need depends on the condition of your muscle strain. Conventionally, you can apply heat for between 15 and 20 minutes to alleviate stiffness on tendons. 

If your muscle sprain is suffering too much pain, you may need extended sessions. Taking hot water baths can be beneficial. You can as well concentrate on heating the affected area to improve the condition. 

5 Ways To Treat Your Muscle Strain In 2021

While this method can help you feel better and improve your condition faster, it is not always the best choice. If your muscle is swollen or has a cut or wound, you should avoid using heat therapy. Also, various underlying conditions like dermatitis and diabetes can lead to burns. 

3. Compression 

This method involves the use of pressure on the affected area to combat the effects of muscle strain. While applying pressure, you increase the rate of blood flow into and out of the section. In case the tissue is damaged, the pressure will force toxic fluids to flow out. Incoming blood will supply the area with oxygen and nutrients necessary for the healing process. 

Tissue repair is a complex process. It would take anywhere between a few days to weeks to fully recover if your tissue gets damaged. During this process, blood must flow consistently to promote the cleaning up of any damaged material. It also enhances the build-up of new structures that will fill the area. 

Another reason for using pressure on the affected area is to reduce the extent of swelling. Compression may increase the pain you experience initially, but it will prevent the muscles from swelling too much and making it hard to move. An elastic bandage can give you a constant compression to keep your tissue intact as you seek further treatment where necessary.

5 Ways To Treat Your Muscle Strain In 2021

4. Physical Exercise 

The healing process following a muscle strain may take quite some time. During this time, you may not be doing much activity, and the muscles may become weak. Physical therapy will help promote healing, prevent tissue build-up, and induce strength to the affected area. 

The amount of exercise you need largely depends on the extent of the strain you are addressing. When the tissues start to heal, you need small movements that will help break up fibrous tissues, which would make the muscles inefficient. The movement of the tissues also helps the adjacent muscles to support the affected area and enhance blood circulation. 

When the muscles get better, you can do light tasks or exercises to increase the movements and promote restoration. The training makes the muscles stronger and ready to engage in activities when you resume work or athletic training. 

5. Use of Medication 

In most cases, muscle strains do not require the intervention of medical experts for treatment. However, if you are in doubt, you need to consult your doctor. So far, you are aware that muscles and tissues heal naturally in stages. The process might take time, but it yields positive results. The body works out so much on itself, and medications are only supplements to enhance the process or lower the severity of the pains. 

5 Ways To Treat Your Muscle Strain In 2021

While waiting for the body to do its part in restoring your muscles, you may want to reduce the pains in the affected muscles so that you can at least move around. Using pain relievers will help you feel better and continue with small tasks while waiting for your muscles to recover. 


Muscle strains are not uncommon. People who exercise a lot and those working where they require more physical strength can experience muscle pulls. Mostly, a muscle strain is an overstretch or tearing of muscles or tissues. Whenever this happens, you find it hard to proceed with your activity. 

Seek quick treatment to restore your muscles and tendons. In most cases, you can treat your muscle strain at home. Contact a professional medical doctor if you have concerns about your muscle strain experience. 

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