6 Tips for Being a Good Nurse

The healthcare sector has been under tremendous pressure since the outspread of COVID-19. The demand for healthcare facilities escalated, whereas doctors and medical providers remain limited. As a result, nurses had to step into the medical provider’s role.

Generally, nurses have to run diagnoses, perform tests and take care of patients. From the moment they arrive till the last minute, nurses are the ones that educate patients on how to take care of themselves once they go home.

What makes a nurse great? Good nurses should be efficient at their technical skills and be empathetic towards other patients. Nurses must know how to communicate effectively with medical providers and patients, ensuring they deliver the message correctly. In addition, good nurses must keep themselves updated with the shifting trends in healthcare. It helps them remain updated on all health records, treatments, and procedures.

Here are six tips for being a great nurse. Following these and implementing these, will ensure that your practical nursing will be beyond exemplary.

Stay Updated On The Medical Information

6 Tips for Being a Good Nurse

Nurses must stay up-to-date with the latest information to provide quality care. The release of new data can help nurses grow and develop like this one currently in our society today.

In addition, understanding the recent developments in medicines can help nurses continue to develop their nursing strategies.

Nurses can stay relevant to medical information and trends by joining a local professional association. They can read hospital newsletters or opt for programs such as MSN to DNP online degrees. Pursuing such courses and degrees can help you improve your knowledge of patient care, procedures, and policies. Besides that, nurses can attend lectures webinars or subscribe to nursing journals to help them stay updated on the latest medical information.

Learn Effective Communication

Communication is a crucial tool nurses must use to build relationships with patients. Nurses never stop gathering and relaying important data to connect between doctors, patients, and family members. As a result, lack of communication can cause missing information on hospital paperwork or dangerous allergies not mentioned in the patient’s chart. Under some circumstances, such errors can cause great harm, making it essential for nurses to communicate effectively.

Moreover, through verbal and non-proven techniques, communication can help nurses make their patients feel comfortable and willing to share their worries. When dialogue flows freely in the medical sector, nurses and medical providers will do their job better, resulting in more effective patient outcomes. This might cause them to be unable to follow treatment protocols. Besides that, it can lead to workflow breakdowns, resulting in medical errors and delays.

Be A Problem-Solver

Even though nurses rely on experience and clinical expertise in most situations, nurses with problem-solving skills are better armed to serve patients.

Problem-solving involves brainstorming solutions and thinking creatively to jump at new approaches to old problems. Nurses can solve problems more effectively by thinking innovatively, asking the correct questions, and considering various options.

How can nurses become better problem solvers? The initial step is to focus on the solution. To diagnose the cause of the problem and come to the best solution, nurses must follow a logical and systematic process. They should shift their focus away from the situation to potential solutions, helping them give a positive outlook.

Learn Time Management

6 Tips for Being a Good Nurse

Balancing patients, competing priorities, and stress care settings is no small act. As a result, managing time effectively is the key element every nurse must acquire. Managing time helps nurses prioritize and organize patient care. Not just that, it allows them to take over internal administrative tasks. Nurses who can work their time effectively are likely to achieve balance in the face of time restrictions. Being able to manage time effectively in the healthcare world can result in:

  • Better productivity
  • Less stress
  • More efficient
  • More opportunities for professional development

Nurses can write down their daily tasks based on their supposed priority to manage time more effectively. Even though daily goals might change throughout the day, they might be specific procedures that remain continuous for nurses.

Show Empathy

What is empathy? It’s the ability to feel what other people are experiencing from their perspective. For nurses, it’s about placing themselves in patients’ shoes, trying to understand how they are taking in whatever’s going around. Nurses who are empathetic and stop by the patient to check on them change the healthcare experience and build trust. In addition, nurses who can predict their patient’s needs and wants accurately can provide better care to their patients.

Empathetic nurses can calm a patient and ease their pain. Not just that, they can reduce their burdens through simple gestures and changes. In addition, being empathetic strengthens communication as nurses understand how their patients are coping and what they are going through.

Be Adaptable

There is no such thing as a typical day for nurses in today’s healthcare world. Nurses wear several hats on even a normal day. However, when challenges arise, nurses need to be adaptable. A quiet day planned can turn into a high-density day when several patients come simultaneously. In addition, as technological advancements cause the medical world to change, nurses need to become adaptable and flexible accordingly. Moreover, nurses must be versatile as things change at a much greater speed than before. 

In addition, healthcare needs nurses who are open to new ideas and adaptable enough to get through challenging issues. As a result, flexible and adaptable nurses increase their chances of career advancements. By learning how to be more adaptable, nurses can become better equipped to react when challenges arise.

6 Tips for Being a Good Nurse

Final Thoughts

In today’s healthcare sector, nurses are handling more responsibilities and tasks. This makes it vital for nurses to improve themselves and provide better patient care by learning how to be effective communicators.

In addition, nurses should keep up with the latest medical information and trends, helping in educating patients better. And lastly, they should be empathetic towards patients to build trust.


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