Apply Gel Polish At Home – 5 Easy Tips On How To

We take a closer look at how to apply gel polish at home. These helpful tips will have your nails looking fresh and trendy.

Fashion is hanging at the peak of people’s lives nowadays. Irrespective of bad times, tense situations, or breakthroughs, people choose to keep their fashion and style statements prim and proper. Moreover, when it comes to women, there is no compromise with elegance and fashion. But today, the concept of fashion has evolved. Rather than the overall outlook, people focus more on the unique details.

Nail polish is one of the most favorite beauty products for women that they cannot deny. But the absolute splendor lies in how you wear it. Here, you will explore how to wear gel nail polishes right at your home like a pro. So, grab a mug of coffee and explore these five easy and excellent tips now.

1.  Get Prepped and Organized

Wearing unique types of nail paints is a job that needs a little bit of everything. It demands your time, attention, and effort. The best thing to do is get a little organized before you dive right into the task. To obtain ideal results, you must always begin with dry and crystal-clean nails. Many make the mistake of painting on top of patches of existing nail polishes or nail cuticles.

When you try out gel nail polish colors, it can easily lead to unsatisfactory results, and you do not want that. As aforesaid, to avoid a mess, you can cut or trim your nails and wash them properly with gentle soap or shampoo. Remember to wipe and dry them properly before you use your gel nail paint. You can also choose to file your nails to give them a trendy look.

5 Easy Tips To Apply Gel Polish At Home

2.  Always Use a Base Polish

You might not need base layers when you are wearing regular nail paints. But it is highly recommended for gel nail paints. Since gel paints are more robust and long-lasting, the base polish will protect your nail surface from it. It also makes the outlook or finishing look much more neat and professional.

Base polish acts in the same way as a skin foundation and makes your gel nail paint look more radiant, clean, and shiny when it is dried up. Other than that, base nail paints are often manufactured with nail-friendly ingredients that protect your nails from the actual nail polish you are wearing.

5 Easy Tips To Apply Gel Polish At Home

3.  Watch the Coat

The next aspect that will need your attention is the coat. The type of coating you apply with your gel nail paint has a lot to do with the neatness and the final outlook of your nails. In the case of gel nail paints, never attempt thick coats at the first go.

Always start with a neat outline and thin coat. If you are shaky about that, you can apply regular transparent glue around the borders of your nails. This will keep the paint from spreading outside the nail borders. Also, make sure that you do not pick too much gel nail paint around the nail polish brush.

This can drop polish dollops in places or your hand and can get things real untidy. You need to be a little careful and leave distractions away every time you are dipping the brush in the gel nail paint bottle. Once you are done with the first coat, you can go ahead with the second one. If you need a rich and thick finish, you can even reach up to three coats.

However, it is entirely up to you. If you are trying gel nail paint for the first time and want it to be perfect, you can buy a nail art brush. These brushes or nail art tools are specially designed for DIY nail paint-wearing attempts as per research.

5 Easy Tips To Apply Gel Polish At Home

4.  Use an LED Lamp for Best Results

As you already know, gel nail paints need some UV and LED lights to get dried. You will need to get prepared accordingly. Regular nail polishes air dry. Gel paints tend to dry a lot faster than the usual ones. You can wear them and get along with your life chores right away. There is no need to sit under the fan or near the window, waiting for it to dry.

But for that, make sure you have an LED lamp. An LED lamp is the best and most affordable way to dry your nails quickly at home.

5.  Go for the Finishing Touch

When it comes to nail art, a finishing touch is a must. There is not much to do in it, but it is a crucial step. It will make sure that your effort has gone into the right place. When you are done with your final coat or detailed designs, you can wipe your decorated nails with an alcohol swab. This will clean out any excessive patches of debris around your nails.

It is imperative that you wipe or gently apply the alcohol. This step will also add a hard nail look to the nail surfaces.

5 Easy Tips To Apply Gel Polish At Home


Gel nail polishes are different from the usual ones. Their application and drying process is different. They also dry more quickly and stay much longer on your nails. But to get all the advantages, you must follow specific rules of wearing them. The above tips are understandable, feasible, and straightforward. So, now that you are aware of the exact dos and don’ts, you can go ahead and wear your gel nail polish like a pro.

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