Engagement Ring: 5 Tips To Choose A Diamond Cut And Shape

The stone is the centerpiece of any beautiful engagement ring. The choice of stone can be just about anything, but the diamond is—and will always be—an ideal choice. Formed by intense pressures beneath the Earth, diamonds best represent one’s unwavering and eternal love for the significant other. After all, ‘Diamonds Are Forever,’ as one classic movie goes.

As the centerpiece, the diamond must be worth every penny you invest alongside the rest of the engagement ring. The proper cut and shape, among other features, will go a long way in making it last perhaps beyond forever. While determining such features may sound like rocket science, this guide will help set you straight.

1. Compromise With Caution

Engagement Ring Shopping: 5 Tips To Choose A Diamond Cut And Shape

A diamond can go between USD$ 2,500 and USD$ 18,000 for a single carat, so it’s easy to see why you would consider going for lower. There’s nothing wrong with that, but you’d want to do so carefully. If a diamond costs less than expected, there’s a reason for that—and it usually has something to do with quality.

If you must compromise, experts advise cutting back on the carats instead of the cut. A half-carat diamond with the same cut and other qualities as a full-carat one will cost less and still be just as brilliant. Unless you don’t mind spending a fortune, there’s often no need to go big with the gem. 

2. The Best Cut Shines The Most

Engagement Ring Shopping: 5 Tips To Choose A Diamond Cut And Shape

Determining diamond quality boils down to what the industry refers to as the 4C’s: cut, clarity, color, and carat. However, cut almost always takes priority over the other C’s for many reasons, one of which is the fact that it determines how it reflects brilliance.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter if the diamond features excellent color or clarity if the cut’s not good enough to show how radiant the diamond is. You’ll be surprised at how the same diamond can appear under diffused lighting, spotlighting, and both. These results generally depend on six main factors: proportions, symmetrical facets, brilliance, fire, scintillation, and finishing details.

For the best shine, experts suggest picking ideal or excellent-grade diamonds like those in radiant cut engagement rings. Such cuts maximize the amount of brilliance the diamond produces when exposed to various lighting conditions. Many online jewelry stores offer their own best grade of cut, often surpassing ideal.

3. Can’t Go Wrong With Round

Engagement Ring Shopping: 5 Tips To Choose A Diamond Cut And Shape

Of the common diamond shapes in the market, round ones give customers the most confidence. They strike a healthy balance among several qualities, namely the face-up size or how big they appear when looked at directly. Round shapes aren’t as large face-up, but they have the edge in other aspects when you look at the others’ downsides.

  • Princess – requires prongs in corners as they’re prone to getting snagged or chipping
  • Emerald – doesn’t produce as much brilliance, which can make them look smaller
  • Heart – the shape becomes less appreciative in weights below 1.0 carat
  • Trillion – rare finds, and its corners are prone to snagging or chipping
  • Oval – bowtie pattern can be prominent enough, which may turn off some buyers 

Given the above details, it’s easy to see that round engagement rings are the classic choice. A round diamond has no corners to safeguard, appears prominent face-up thanks to its excellent cut, and can be made more affordable by reducing the carat-age.

4. Check The Report

Engagement Ring Shopping: 5 Tips To Choose A Diamond Cut And Shape

Jewelry stores provide free access to reports on a specific diamond’s cut quality and shape. The industry uses assessments made by two institutions: the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society (AGS). While other institutions exist, the grading systems used by these organizations are of the highest standard.

Apart from grading diamonds differently, both the GIA and AGS ensure that their grades are consistent with each other. This helps reduce confusion among buyers, especially those in the market for uniquely styled jewelry like rose gold engagement rings. Don’t forget to check the report that comes with every diamond to see if you’re getting the right one.

5. Buy The Gem Separately

Engagement Ring Shopping: 5 Tips To Choose A Diamond Cut And Shape

If you’re uncertain about the kind of engagement ring you want to get your significant other, consider buying the diamond separate from the actual ring. You can have your local jeweler mount the stone once you’ve made your decision.


As you’ve learned, the only complicated thing about diamonds is the things that go into making one, including its third-party assessment. Once these gems hit the market, you only have to keep in mind the tips above to make a sound purchase. Engagement rings that bring peace of mind to weds-to-be will surely last beyond forever.

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