Everything You Should Know About Vape Juice Base

Have you ever wondered just exactly what vape juice base is, how it’s made and how to choose the ideal vape juice base? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Vaping is increasingly becoming common amongst users who are trying to quit smoking. Research shows that two-thirds of the population, up to 64.6% of e-cigarette users in the UK, were ex-smokers. This shift occurred because it does not contain harmful elements like tar, carbon monoxide, or animal tobacco found in traditional cigarettes. Vaping is less toxic and considered healthier than smoking.

Everything You Should Know About Vape Juice Base

We recommend one purchases vape from recognized brands, avoids vaping products that consist of THC, and does not modify vaping substances in the e-liquid. Many save on vape juice by creating their own, but it’s advisable to research renowned budget-friendly options in the market.

Vape Juice Base: Know The Details

Ever wondered how e-liquids are made? What are the ingredients that make it safer to vape? Generally, the liquid used to vape is called e-juice or e-liquid. It heats in the vape and creates a cloud of vapour. Any vaping juice has four primary ingredients –

  • Propylene Glycol
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Nicotine
  • Flavoring

1. Propylene Glycol (PG)

This colourless and odourless liquid is from petroleum. It has a faint, sweet taste and a moderately syrupy texture. It must not be confused with Ethylene glycol, which is a toxic substance seen in antifreeze. Most manufacturers have shifted to Propylene glycol as it is healthier.

It is safe to go as the chemical is approved by the FDA for ingestion. It is certainly not cancerous. Due to lack of research, however, the long-term effects are not fully known or studied.

Uses- This base chemical is a food additive. It can retain moisture, bind ingredients together, and even make them thicker. Using the chemical for salad dressing, packaged frosting, boxed cake mixes, and ice creams is not uncommon. Its uses extend itself to the cosmetic industry as well. Propylene glycol is a good option for shampoo, mouthwash, toothpaste, deodorant, and lotions.

Everything You Should Know About Vape Juice Base

Effects- In vape liquids, PG is primarily used to enhance and carry rich flavour. While choosing a mix of PG and VG, look out for this! Combinations with more PG have an intense flavour. It is comparatively thinner and is easier to clean off from your vape. Some users are sensitive to PG. You can always look for a vape base combined with a higher amount of VG in such a case.

2. Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

This thick liquid is usually from soybeans and palm trees. Another way to make it is from animal fat. However, this method is uncommon. It is thick and syrupy in texture like vegetable oil. But it is markedly different as VG is water-soluble, unlike vegetable oil. Just like PG, the FDA approves glycerol and is “generally recognized as safe.” However, inhaling it is not advised as the health effects are not yet known.

Uses- In the food industry, the ingredient offers itself as a sweetener. It has a sweet aftertaste and is not unlike PG, aids in retaining moisture content, and brings together multiple components. You would find it in cheese, baked items, yoghurt, gel-based capsules, and many other processed foods.

It also finds its place in the pharmaceutical industry. Skin creams often consist of VG. It preserves moisture and increases the solubility of most other ingredients. This quality makes them easier to absorb for the skin. One can find it in eye drops, make-up, skin creams, and lotions.

Effects- The liquid majorly contributes to the amount of vapour produced. The clouds are thicker if the VG amount is higher in the vape base. Cloud chasers usually use a high VG ratio vape. Compared to PG, VG gives a soft and smooth throat hit.

The thickness allows it to take long before the cotton in the vape coil is saturated. But it’s also the reason why you may experience dry hits. It’s difficult to clean the tank also due to the dense consistency.

3. Flavouring

‘GRAS’ or ‘Food Grade’ flavouring is used in e-juices. These are concentrates added in e-juices to enhance the natural taste of a food or drink. Some effects of inhaling these are not entirely understood. The Flavour Extracts Manufacturers Association approves these.

Everything You Should Know About Vape Juice Base

Uses- Using flavouring in food is very well known. From baking goods, gummies, candy, and other processed food, artificial flavouring is fundamental to the taste. With vape liquid, however, the flavour can replicate the experience of eating the food item. A good mixture and flavour can therefore ease the process of consuming the ingredient.

Effects– Flavoring majorly enhances the experience. Only 10% of the e-juice has it as its primary purpose is to add finesse. E-juices don’t have oil-based kinds. Some of their ingredients are hazardous for inhalation. These are acetoin, propionyl, diacetyl, and acetyl. This concern is why one must avoid the diketone family. However, e-cigarettes only have 10% of diacetyl compared to cigarettes. So, they won’t have intense effects.

4. Nicotine

This alkaloid is from the nightshade plant family. Found in potatoes, eggplants, tomatoes, and tobacco. Its highly addictive nature is the reason behind cigarette addictions. Although many make the mistake of thinking that nicotine causes cancer, there’s no scientific evidence to prove that. It’s usually the tar and other additives found in cigarettes that have intense carcinogenic properties upon inhalation.

Uses- Most smokers use nicotine gum, inhalers, patches, and e-liquids as alternatives to cigarettes. People prefer vape as it helps them consume nicotine in seemingly less harmful means. It also helps them quit smoking. Apart from vape juices, it’s also used in various nicotine replacement therapies to aid the quitting process.

Effects- If one is to vape nicotine, there are different levels to consider. These range from 0 mg to 12mg with 3 and 6mg options. The 0 mg level allows people to get the sensation while being closer to quitting it entirely.

Everything You Should Know About Vape Juice Base

Harsh nicotine levels hit the throat. The taste, however, is a peppery one and can usually increase harshness. There are two kinds, namely, nicotine salts and freebase nicotine. Freebase is more or less regular nicotine but, nicotine salts are a new option in the market. They allow for a smooth experience of higher nicotine strengths without the harsh aftertaste. It’s the closest to smoking nicotine and hence preferred by people trying to transition to vaping.


Now that you know about the base of your vape liquid, you can decide the right combination of ingredients based on the experience you wish to have. With adequate research, you’ll find the ideal vape juice base for the perfect adventure.

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