Is It Legal To Get Weed Delivered In Surrey, British Columbia?

Weed delivery in Surrey, British Columbia’s third-largest city, has come a long way. First, there was a government monopoly, then came in-store and curbside pick-up, and now a burgeoning cannabis delivery service industry.

On 17th June 2021, British Columbia’s local government announced that weed dispensaries in the region were at liberty to offer doorstep delivery services. The directive is a strategic move to counter the province’s illicit cannabis industry.

So, yes. It’s legal to order your weed online in Surrey. But with many delivery agents, it can be a challenge to establish the best service provider. Here are crucial tips for getting credible weed delivery services in Surrey.

1.   Identify Credible Weed Delivery Service Providers

Now that private cannabis retailers in Surrey can legally offer same-day doorstep delivery, the city’s cannabis consumers have unlimited choices. However, British Columbia’s illicit cannabis industry is a long way from fizzling out. Furthermore, Surrey was among the “desert access” municipalities that lacked cannabis brick-and-mortar stores by as late as December 2020, allowing illegal cannabis to thrive.

The concerns for public safety arising from the illegal cannabis industry include contaminants, higher pesticide residue, and misleading product labels. So, protect your health by ensuring you order cannabis from regulated delivery services.

Be wary of unauthorized delivery service providers as a cannabis enthusiast looking for cannabis delivery services to Surrey. Begin by verifying the legitimacy of any seemingly credible delivery service providers. Browse through third-party and government directories with comprehensive lists of above-board cannabis dispensaries serving Surrey.

Second, read on-page reviews, third-party cannabis review sites, and social media comments and reactions to verify brand credibility. Conducting due diligence may take you some time, but it is time well spent.

Is It Legal To Get Weed Delivered In Surrey, British Columbia?

2.   Establish Product Quality

Weed quality is somewhat inconsistent depending on product-handling techniques within the supply chain. Exposing THC-rich buds to light and temperature caused the THC to degrade to cannabinol (CBN); hence the product loses potency. In addition, exposure to moisture may cause mould to develop on weed. For this reason, BC’s Liquor Distribution Branch (LDB) regulates licensed cannabis dispensaries down to product display policies at storefronts.

Using legal weed delivery sources leaves you worry-free regarding product quality. Always use marijuana services that stand by their product quality and provide third-party lab tests results on their products. Such reliable providers also post accurate label packaging in their product descriptions and disclose inventory practices that help keep products fresh.

Moreover, they also offer user-friendly return policies and product guarantees. Alternatively, you can scour the internet for bona fide reviews about specific delivery services’ product quality guarantees.

3.   Vet Product Variety

Besides product quality, product variety is also a crucial consideration while vetting legal weed delivery services. The best weed delivery services serving Surrey stock hundreds of popular Canadian weed strains and top-shelf quality products by notable cannabis brands. They also stock cannabis buds, edibles, concentrates, vapes, CBD products, shrooms, among others, for connoisseurs and novices alike with different budgets.

The primary advantage of product variety while weed shopping is that you get all the products you want with minimal effort. In addition, you also stand to benefit from bulk purchase promotions and pay less on delivery than you would while shopping on multiple platforms simultaneously. However, despite the benefits, be wary of delivery services that seem to have too much and withhold how they handle slow-moving products.

4.   Shop For Prices And Deals

Marijuana dispensaries and delivery services set their retail prices and freight charges. As a result, the prices vary from service provider to service provider. Some delivery services stock high-quality products but charge a pretty sum, while others, particularly illegal delivery services, just want to make a profit by disposing of low-quality weed. So, even as you look for affordability, consider how credible the service provider is.

Besides, some weed delivery services reward their customers with welcome discounts, bulk-purchase discounts, complimentary gifts, and a percentage discount on the order total which cuts product prices. However, note that delivery fees can be pricey, so consider freight charges while evaluating prices as well.

Is It Legal To Get Weed Delivered In Surrey, British Columbia?

5.   Confirm Delivery Schedules Beforehand

Due to government-imposed COVID-19 protocols, marijuana delivery services operate for limited hours. Consequently, they can only deliver cannabis goodies during specific times of the day.

Visiting a delivery services’ delivery information page allows you to answer frequently asked questions about their delivery service. This will allow you to determine whether the service provider offers same-day delivery and the best time to make your order for faster delivery. ,

6.   Make Your Order

After conducting due diligence and confirming that the products and services are to your liking, it is now time to make your order. Simply browse through the products and select the items you want, putting them inside your cart.

Once done with shopping, proceed to checkout, where you follow prompts to complete your order. You may then receive a tracking code to keep tabs on your order during delivery. Ensure you present an ID to the delivery person so they verify that you received the package.

Is It Legal To Get Weed Delivered In Surrey, British Columbia?


Surrey’s residents have a lot to expect from the weed industry now that the playing field is even. However, getting the most of weed starts by choosing the best services that don’t compromise quality. These tips will allow you to get an excellent delivery service provider for the best cannabis buying experience.


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