Let’s Explore 5 Fastest Weed Delivery Services In Calgary

Cannabis is legal in Calgary, AB for medical and recreational use. It comes in the form of vapes, edibles, and smokable herbs. While you can use weed on private property, cannabis for recreational use is prohibited in public. However, patients can smoke weed for medicinal purposes in public areas permissible by the municipality and provincial administration.

Today, weed users can buy from licensed dispensaries that follow strict rules and regulations set by the Canadian government. You can make a phone call or buy online and wait for doorstep delivery through weed delivery services. Convenience and fast weed delivery make delivery services a favorite rather than shopping in physical weed stores.

But with many service providers, picking the right delivery agent can be a challenge. If you are looking for the top fastest weed delivery services in Calgary, you’ve come to the right place. But before we look at that, let’s take a look at what makes a great weed delivery agent.

Things To Look For In A Fast Weed Service Delivery Service

1. Proper Planning

A reliable weed delivery service provider plans ahead of time. Black Rabbit Weed Delivery, for instance, uses online booking in scheduling deliveries weeks and days in advance. By scheduling, you get your weed products on time, allowing you to meet your needs.

2. Optimized Routes

Selecting speedy routes allows delivery service providers to reach their customers faster. They do this using delivery mapping software which suggests short courses, estimates the delivery time, emergencies and advises the weed delivery personnel about traffic jams. Optimized routes guarantee fast delivery and are cost-effective, meaning the clients get better prices for their products.

Let’s Explore 5 Fastest Weed Delivery Services In Calgary

3. Good Reviews

You can do background research on the businesses that deliver weed in Calgary. Most weed delivery services have websites and social media accounts where they reach out to their customers. Use this information to know what other customers are saying about their service. Go for providers with good reviews and ratings as it indicates customer satisfaction.

5 Fastest Weed Delivery Services In Calgary

1. Monashee Cannabis Calgary

Monashee prides itself on being one of the best recreational and medical cannabis firms in Calgary. With over ten years of experience in the cannabis industry, Monashee assures its clients quality top shelf and organic cannabis products.

Customers make orders via text or phone call, and deliveries are free for cannabis worth $60 or more, and you can pay cash on delivery or E-transfer. Monashee guarantees drop at your doorstep in 2 hours or less for all deliveries within Calgary. For safety, Monashee Cannabis Calgary sanitizes all deliveries properly before they are packed.

Let’s Explore 5 Fastest Weed Delivery Services In Calgary

2. Medicine Man shop

Medicine man shop offers free deliveries all over Calgary in as little as 2 hours. The minimum amount you can order for your first time is $50, but with time, it drops to $30. You are also required to submit your order by 11:45 pm to get served the same night. Accepted payment methods are cash on delivery and e-transfer before arrival.

As part of Covid –19 containment measures, Medicine Man Shop follows WHO recommendations to ensure customers’ safety; that includes sanitizing all cannabis products before they are packed and vaccinating their staff.

3. Top Shelf Bud YYC

Top shelf YYC specializes in concentrates, buds, prerolls, edibles, and vape pens. With the best price guarantee, they provide free delivery for purchases above $60. First-time clients also get a gift after purchase. Clients can place orders via text message or mail.

They boast five-star ratings from reviews online. Only adults older than 19 years are allowed to buy weed from Top Shelf Bud YYC. For medical marijuana, you have to produce a doctor’s prescription.

4. High Vibe Cannabis

High Vibe Cannabis is one of the top-rated weed delivery services in Calgary. They offer Sativa, hybrid, and indica strains of cannabis flowers, edibles, vapes, etc. You can place your order through email or text message. High vibe cannabis delivers your weed in 2 hours or less and offers mail delivery for distant clients.

Let’s Explore 5 Fastest Weed Delivery Services In Calgary

5. Garden of Zen

Garden of Zen is among the most popular weed delivery services in Calgary. Customers can make orders through their online platform and choose from a wide range of varieties. Products include cannabis concentrates, cannabis buds, vapes pens, and edibles.

Consumers can make orders through emails, text messages, and through the company’s website. Garden of Zen closes on Wednesday but is open every weekday from morning and operates in the afternoon through evenings. They guarantee fast delivery within the same day, in most cases 1 – 2 hours upon order.


Getting your weed delivered fast is important in emergency situations. While there are many service providers in Calgary, not all of them are reliable. These are the fastest weed delivery services you can try, but always remember to do a background check before committing to any for the best buying experience.

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