Luxury Collaboration: Private White V.C. Bentayga Unveiled by Bentley

In an exciting collaboration, Bentley Motors proudly introduces the exclusive limited edition Private White V.C. Bentayga, crafted by Mulliner.

This bespoke masterpiece, a fusion of Bentley’s renowned craftsmanship and Private White V.C.’s heritage, exemplifies British excellence in automotive luxury and fashion.

Commissioned by Bentley Manchester and Mulliner, this one-of-a-kind Bentayga embodies the essence of bespoke luxury.

Honouring a War Hero: Private Jack White V.C.

Private Jack White, born Jacob Weiss in 1896, epitomizes bravery and gallantry. Serving in World War 1 with distinction, he earned the Victoria Cross for his heroic actions, which saved lives amidst the chaos of battle. His selfless act, described in his citation, showcases unparalleled courage and resourcefulness.

Luxury Collaboration: Private White V.C. Bentayga Unveiled by Bentley

“No. 18105 Pte. Jack White, R. Lanc. R. For most conspicuous bravery and resource. This signaller during an attempt to cross a river saw the two Pontoons ahead of him come under heavy machine-gun fire, with disastrous results…”

Jack White’s legacy extends beyond his military service. After the war, he pursued a successful career in the garment industry, eventually establishing Private White V.C. as a symbol of quality and innovation.

Design Inspiration: A Tribute to Heritage and Heroism

The Private White V.C. Bentayga draws inspiration from Jack White’s courage and the brand’s timeless clothing line. The interior features intricate copper detailing, reminiscent of the telephone wire White used during his heroic rescue.

These copper accents adorn various elements, including seat piping and bespoke features, adding a touch of elegance and significance.

Luxury Collaboration: Private White V.C. Bentayga Unveiled by Bentley

Embodying military-inspired aesthetics, the cabin boasts clean sewing lines mirroring the functionality of military attire. Bespoke embroidery, such as the Victoria Cross emblem, pays homage to Jack White’s distinguished service.

Moreover, the use of Lancashire-woven cashmere cloth for the rear cushions commemorates White’s regimental legacy.

Exquisite Craftsmanship: A Tailored Experience

Every aspect of the Private White V.C. Bentayga reflects meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.

The dashboard features anodised copper organ stops and a silhouette of ‘Cottenham House’, a nod to Private White’s factory. Hidden delights, like bespoke treadplates and embroidered bulldog motifs, add a unique touch to the design, embodying the brand’s spirit.

Luxury Collaboration: Private White V.C. Bentayga Unveiled by Bentley

Externally, the Bentayga exudes sophistication with its Dark Sapphire finish and Blackline Specification. The bespoke 22” wheels, adorned with Private White V.C. badging, accentuate the vehicle’s exclusivity. Each element is carefully curated to create a cohesive and luxurious driving experience.

A Unique Collaboration: Fusion of Automotive and Fashion Excellence

The collaboration between Bentley Motors, Mulliner, and Private White V.C. goes beyond crafting a bespoke vehicle.

As a testament to their partnership, customers of the limited edition Bentayga will also receive a capsule collection of bespoke clothing from Private White V.C. This seamless integration of automotive and fashion underscores the commitment to luxury and exclusivity.

Luxury Collaboration: Private White V.C. Bentayga Unveiled by Bentley

Established over a century ago, Private White V.C. continues to redefine luxury fashion. From supplying trench coats to Allied Forces during World War 1 to manufacturing medical-grade garments during the COVID-19 pandemic, the brand’s legacy of innovation and resilience endures.

Situated in Manchester, the Private White V.C. factory remains a beacon of craftsmanship and tradition, driven by a diverse and dedicated workforce.

In conclusion, the Private White V.C. Bentayga by Mulliner stands as a symbol of British heritage, craftsmanship, and innovation. Inspired by the legacy of war hero Jack White, this exclusive collaboration embodies the essence of luxury and pays homage to a remarkable journey of courage and creativity.

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