Songbird Collection: Ancient Traditions Meet High-Fashion

The Line x Gemfields Songbird Collection is a stunning new collaboration between the luxury fine jewellery label and the world-leading miner of coloured gemstones, Gemfields.

The collection showcases the beauty and allure of Mozambican rubies and Zambian emeralds, bringing the high-fashion appeal of gemstones into everyday wear. With the Songbird Collection, The Line pays homage to Indian traditions, history and artistry while adding a contemporary twist.

Songbird Collection: Ancient Traditions Meet High-Fashion

Classic Indian jewellery silhouettes are reflected in each piece of the Songbird Collection, with crescent-shaped hoops, string necklaces, flowering earpieces, shoulder-dusting chandelier earrings, and regal chokers all handmade from 18k yellow gold.

Vibrant rubies from the Montepuez mine in Mozambique and verdant emeralds from the Kagem mine in Zambia provide pops of colour alongside delicate pearls, creating a truly Indian look that is both timeless and contemporary.

Natasha Khurana, founder of The Line and a fashion journalist, was inspired to launch the jewellery label in 2015 after seeing the arresting beauty of loose gemstones.

Living between Dubai and New Delhi, Natasha is continually inspired by her surroundings, particularly by India and its storied legacy of jewellery craftsmanship.

With the Songbird Collection, Khurana brings lightness to the weighty legacy of Indian jewel-making and wearing. The collection channels the spirit of the Indian people, who for centuries have thought nothing of donning the most extravagant pieces every day in abundance. This tradition is reflected in religious paintings and archival photographs of Indian royal courts.

Songbird Collection: Ancient Traditions Meet High-Fashion

The versatility of coloured gems is heroed in the Songbird Collection, with rubies and emeralds equally captivating in playful ear climbers as they are in recognisable silhouettes such as the adorned hoops.

The Line marries wearability with a charismatic twist and elegant simplicity, elevated by the entrancing flicker of dancing coloured gemstones.

Emily Dungey, Gemfields director of marketing and communications, commented during the launch event at Soho House in Mumbai: “It is a true delight to watch the Indian sun dance through these Zambian emeralds and Mozambican rubies, bringing them to life in Natasha Khurana’s elegant creations.”

The Line x Gemfields ‘Songbird’ Collection ranges from GBP 1,250 for the “Kundal Earrings with Akoya Pearls ft. Gemfields Mozambican Rubies Earrings” to GBP 8,400 for the “Chaandbali with Rose-cut Diamonds ft. Gemfields Mozambican Rubies Earrings”.

Songbird Collection: Ancient Traditions Meet High-Fashion

The Line Jewellery label, based in India and the UAE, was founded in 2015 with a mission to make the beauty of precious gemstones and metals accessible in everyday wear.

Inspired by India’s legacy of working with gemstones, The Line’s handmade treasures enable consumers to continue their love affair with gems and jewels in their everyday lives, at work and at play.

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