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The older Hadid sister, Alana Hadid is making waves in the fashion industry.

Supermodels Gigi and Bella Hadid have become household names over the last few years. With their striking looks and personalities, the sisters have rebooted the age of the supermodel. But the Hadid family’s love of fashion has trusted another sibling into the spotlight.

Alana Hadid was born on 27 July 1985 in Washington D.C. Her father Mohammed Hadid had by this time already established himself as a prominent businessman. Alana Hadid’s mother Mary Butler was, however, and still is, someone who does not like the limelight. Although the circumstances of their divorce in 1992 is not clear it is believed that the separation was amicable. The young Alana Hadid and Marielle Hadid spent most of their childhood in Los Angeles.

After school, Alana Hadid moved to Australia where she furthered her studies at the prestigious Bond University. Here, she completed her Masters in International Relations and Diplomacy. She soon returned to the United States and the Hadid-fashion-blood soon kicked in.

Back in L.A., she started working in retail at the store Curve. Soon after she began her career in fashion as a very successful stylist and personal shopper. Her unique style and keen eye sparked a collaboration with Lou & Grey on emoji teeshirts. On some of these, her nickname Lanzybear (also the name of Alana Hadid’s Instagram handle) was printed on sweatshirts. Subsequently, she also became the face of the clothing brand. Her collaborations later included styling and acting as art director to a few photography books for her friend Alisha Goldstein.

In another collaboration project, the Alana Hadid x Fifth and Ninth Phone cases were born. Visually impactful yet quirky, as is her signature style, ensured that these cases and are still top sellers for the brand. She also added her style and name to the Hadid Eyewear collection. The very popular Alana Hadid Sunglasses see 5% of all net sales are donated the NGO Vision of Children Foundation.

Her latest venture saw Alana and Emily Perlstein found their luxury denim-based brand La Detresse. Founded in 2017, “the product of a mutual obsession between the former stylists and friends for the perfect denim jacket.” Although La Detresse mainly consists of denim the introduction of knitwear has also been seen.