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Phillips’ June Design Auction Features Important 20th Century and Contemporary Works

Phillips’ June 5 Design auction highlights include Peter Voulkos’ Rasgeado, rare pieces from Diana Shapiro’s estate, John Baldessari’s Ear Sofa and Nose Sconces, and the Campana Brothers’ “Animais Variados” sofa. French designs by Albert Cheuret and Jean Prouvé, and Italian works by Gio Ponti, Angelo Lelii, and Max Ingrand will also be featured.

Exploring ‘Stillness: Hammershøi and American Minimalism’ at Phillips

Discover the serene allure of “Stillness: Hammershøi and American Minimalism” at PhillipsX. Featuring Vilhelm Hammershøi’s introspective masterpieces alongside works by American Minimalists, this exhibition offers a captivating exploration of tranquility and minimalism. Experience the timeless elegance of Hammershøi’s artistry and the bold simplicity of American Minimalism, converging in a harmonious dialogue that transcends time and space.