Celebrating 60 Years: The Legacy of Automobili Lamborghini’s 350 GT

In March 1964, Automobili Lamborghini embarked on its journey, introducing the world to its inaugural masterpiece, the 350 GT.

Crafted just months earlier, the prototype, named the 350 GTV and crafted by Franco Scaglione at Carrozzeria Sargiotto in Turin, paved the way for Lamborghini’s historic debut.

Fast forward sixty years, and the echoes of that momentous occasion resound as Automobili Lamborghini proudly showcases the 350 GT, adorned with the second chassis number, in the streets of Geneva. This ode to the past commemorates the genesis of Lamborghini’s first production vehicle, tracing the roots of the Sant’Agata Bolognese marque’s DNA.

Celebrating 60 Years: The Legacy of Automobili Lamborghini's 350 GT

Automobili Lamborghini’s commercial narrative began at the 1964 Geneva Motor Show, where the illustrious 350 GT made its public debut. With the iconic bull symbol adorning its frame, this vehicle captured the imagination of automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

Conceived with a blend of speed and sophistication, the 350 GT bore the hallmark of excellence from its inception. Engineer Giampaolo Dallara sculpted the chassis and frame, laying the foundation for unparalleled performance.

The visionary V12 engine, designed by Giotto Bizzarrini for competitive racing, found its adaptation for road use under the expertise of engineer Paolo Stanzani, a luminary in Lamborghini’s storied history.

Meanwhile, the esteemed Carrozzeria Touring in Milan undertook the task of crafting the aluminium bodywork, renowned for its luxury finish, thus culminating in the birth of an automotive icon.

A Triumph of Design and Engineering

The premiere production model by Lamborghini, the 350 GT, left an indelible mark on both critics and consumers alike. Boasting opulent interiors adorned with leather and chrome accents, the 2 + 1 seating configuration exuded luxury and comfort.

Beyond aesthetics, the engineering prowess of the 350 GT shone brightly. Featuring four independent wheels and a formidable 320 CV engine, it set new standards of automotive excellence.

Celebrating 60 Years: The Legacy of Automobili Lamborghini's 350 GT

Visitors to Lamborghini’s stand at Geneva were captivated by the performance prowess, with Ferruccio Lamborghini himself showcasing the marvel to prospective buyers and media luminaries.

As testament to its brilliance, the Lamborghini V12 engine underwent evolution, powering subsequent models and solidifying its status as a quintessential element of Lamborghini’s identity.

A Star is Born: The 350 GT in Entertainment

The saga of the 350 GT transcended the realm of automotive excellence, captivating the hearts of entertainment luminaries. Gifted to Livorno-born drummer Giampiero Giusti, the 350 GT forged an enduring bond between Lamborghini and the entertainment industry.

Notably, it graced the silver screen in the 1967 Columbia Pictures film “Kill Me Quick, I’m Cold”, where it shared the spotlight with leading actors Monica Vitti and Jean Sorel, further immortalizing its legend.

The 350 GT exhibited at the Lamborghini stand in Geneva in 1964, chassis #101, dazzled audiences with its Metallic Geneva Green exterior and lavish white interior. Regrettably, fate dealt a cruel blow as it succumbed to a rear-end collision at a traffic stop.

Celebrating 60 Years: The Legacy of Automobili Lamborghini's 350 GT

Yet, from the ashes arose the second 350 GT, boasting a metallic grey exterior and a vibrant red interior. Dispatched from Sant’Agata Bolognese in August 1964, this pristine specimen stands as the oldest existing Lamborghini production car.

Painstakingly restored and certified by Lamborghini Polo Storico, it embarks on a nostalgic journey through the streets of Geneva, paying homage to its illustrious heritage.

In conclusion, the legacy of the 350 GT endures as a testament to Automobili Lamborghini’s relentless pursuit of excellence. Six decades on, its timeless allure continues to captivate enthusiasts, reaffirming its status as an automotive icon.

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