Wolfgang Puck and Elliott Grover to Bring British Flavour to Hollywood

Celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck is set to dazzle Hollywood this March, as he invites 45 Park Lane’s executive chef, Elliott Grover, to showcase three quintessentially British dishes at the prestigious Governors Ball in Los Angeles.

This collaboration marks Puck’s 30th year of culinary excellence at the star-studded event, promising an infusion of British charm into the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown.

A Taste of Britain at the Governors’ Ball

Elliott Grover, renowned for his culinary prowess, will introduce Hollywood’s elite to a delectable array of British delicacies. Among the highlights is roast beef served with a sumptuous wagyu roasted Yorkshire pudding, accompanied by creamed horseradish and watercress.

Additionally, guests will savour a prawn cocktail roll garnished with beluga caviar and Marie Rose sauce, along with native lobster ‘fish and chips’ served with a spicy tartare sauce and triple-cooked chips.

Celebrating in London: A Star-Studded Affair

While the excitement unfolds in Los Angeles, 45 Park Lane in London will host its own celebration, bringing a touch of Hollywood to its discerning guests.

The hotel will feature an exclusive art exhibition by celebrity photographer Andy Gotts, aptly named “…and the winner is…”. Running from January 23 to May 16, 2024, this exhibition offers a unique insight into the world of cinema, showcasing portraits of acclaimed actors who have left an indelible mark on the silver screen.

Wolfgang Puck and Elliott Grover to Bring British Flavour to Hollywood

Exclusive Dining Experience in London

Londoners and visitors alike will have the opportunity to indulge in Elliott Grover’s exquisite menu at 45 Park Lane from January 23 to April 1, 2024.

Served in BAR 45, guests can relish the culinary creations alongside a bespoke cocktail crafted by the hotel’s esteemed bar manager, Enrico Perri. Named ‘And The Winner Is…’, this tantalising concoction features Campari infused with pickled red pepper, sweet Vermouth, clementine liquor infused with Kaffir lime leaves, and a splash of Champagne.

Elliott Grover: A Culinary Visionary

Wolfgang Puck and Elliott Grover to Bring British Flavour to Hollywood

Since joining 45 Park Lane as executive chef in 2022, Elliott Grover has been instrumental in shaping the hotel’s culinary landscape, including Wolfgang Puck’s acclaimed restaurant, CUT at 45 Park Lane.

Reflecting on his collaboration with Puck for the Governors Ball, Grover expressed his gratitude, stating: “I am incredibly honoured to be bringing classic British dishes to Hollywood for a second year with Wolfgang, especially celebrating his 30th year cooking for the awards. And to present the dishes here at 45 Park Lane from January alongside Andy’s incredible photography will be sure to bring a taste of LA to London.”

Wolfgang Puck and Elliott Grover to Bring British Flavour to Hollywood

In summary, the collaboration between Wolfgang Puck and Elliott Grover promises to elevate the culinary experience at the Governors Ball, infusing it with the rich flavours of British cuisine.

Moreover, Londoners can rejoice in the opportunity to partake in this gastronomic journey, accompanied by a captivating art exhibition and bespoke cocktails, all courtesy of 45 Park Lane.

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