Yolancris Ushers In A New Generation Of Brides

Yolancris recently presented their new collection “Touch” – a collection for a new generation of brides. Brides who are resilient, authentic and fearless.

Without a doubt, or fear of contradiction, we can confirm that YOLANCRIS has once again confirmed why they are at the top of the game during the most recent edition of the Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week.

And the brand has done so with an exquisite and painstakingly hand-crafted collection set against a personal and emotional staging.

Under the theme and the spirit of NO FEAR, TOUCH, the new Yolancris bridal collection, is born for a new era, the coming age of 2021.

Continuity And Values

The fearless bride, true to herself and her values, is the icon that the bridal fashion industry and society needs.

For this reason, the creative director, Yolanda Pérez, has decided to give continuity to this icon of women with “NO FEAR II”.

Yolancris Ushers In A New Generation Of Brides

This bride is the icon of a free spirit, a committed and posesses a courageous attitude which defines the brand.

We have moved past the era of the blueprint look. With the importance of self-expression and individuality, brides must be true to both their tastes and styles. 

The pandemic has hit us all and changed the way we thing, act and consume. Perhaps nowhere has this been more prevalent than with the preferences of the brides.

Yolancris Ushers In A New Generation Of Brides

They are ow are looking for simpler and more comfortable designs but matched with high quality.

In this regard, the exquisite craftsmanship that emerged from the Volart looms has been Yolancris’ commitment to offering this touch of luxury, purity and sustainability.

Touch: The New Generation 

We look but we do not see. We need to see to touch. Touch to experiment, to be curious.

Yolancris Ushers In A New Generation Of Brides

“Touch” vindicates freedom and the need to be able to experience our senses. To appreciate and to fall in love.

We have lived confined, away from our loved ones, from our everyday pleasures. These are months in which we have missed the touch, being able to touch and hug.

The collection “Touch” has been born from a social empath.

Yolancris Ushers In A New Generation Of Brides

It is a tribute to all those couples, boutiques and professionals who have had to postpone their events and remain in “Stand by” mode.

It is a capsule collection inspired by the subtle beauty of women, from which the union of a binomial emanates: the classic of traditional sewing and craftsmanship – something that has become a standard for Yolancris.

Yolancris Ushers In A New Generation Of Brides

All this without forgetting the responsibility and current dialogue that the brand maintains, to refer to the moment in which we live.

And it is from this of which a new generation has been born, marked by a strong character of resilience, which has earned its own voice through “Touch”.

True to her passion for craftsmanship, each Yolancris dress has been created entirely by expert seamstresses. 

Yolancris Ushers In A New Generation Of Brides

These are sewing professionals who have masterfully worked on very fine and custom woven fabrics. 

The collection is a symphony of femininity and varied silhouettes, ready to be seen and felt.

Yolancris Ushers In A New Generation Of Brides

The 5 Keys To “Touch”

  1. It is a new look for a new generation: a generation that has emerged from the pandemic, which does not discriminate between millennials or generation Z. 

We speak of brave people, with a strong desire to move forward. To make an effort to get to touch each other as before.

In this sense, the Touch collection shows the effort to give voice and visibility to this new generation. 

Something that can be seen in the varied plethora of silhouettes, loose patterns and the complicity of accessories.

2. Plain fabrics that show their richness and enhances the silhouette.

3. The incorporation of very comfortable and natural footwear that accompanies this new attitude adapted to a new age.

4. Two-piece designs that allow you to be showy and play with them beyond the big day.

5. A master-class in femininity and the execution of designs of asymmetrical cuts, V-backs and exquisite corsets.

Yolancris Ushers In A New Generation Of Brides

Next stop: New York

The presentation of the Yolancris 2021 bridal collection will be starting next October and will be presented at the New York Luxury Bridal Week.

Yolancris Ushers In A New Generation Of Brides

Yolanda commented “Of course, nothing can replace the experience of buying a wedding dress in a boutique, with the advice of excellent professionals. But we have to continue betting on making our work known and reaching as many brides as possible. That is why we believe that we should be at NY Bridal Week and demonstrate our commitment to the sector.”