15 Times Prince William Was a True Gentleman

Prince William is the epitome of a true gentleman. We can’t think of a more polite, chivalrous or proper public figure. From holding umbrellas to protect Kate’s perfect hair against the elements to introducing himself to locals everywhere he visits, the Duke of Cambridge has constantly impressed us with his gentlemanly conduct. 

Brits may be known for being particularly sharply-dressed and well-mannered, but this Prince goes above and beyond even our highest our expectations. Keep reading for proof that Prince William is a true gentleman.

1. The Perfect Personal Assistant

Not only did Will hold Charlotte‘s flower balloon for her, but he made sure her balloon teddy bar was up to par. The little princess couldn’t ask for a more attentive personal assistant.

2. Oot and Aboot

Will wanted everyone who came to greet him during his time in Canada to feel appreciated and part of it all. That’s why he politely greeted the crowds in Yukon with a proper royal wave.

3. The Perfect Guest

Like a proper gentleman, Will showed his appreciation for his Canadian hosts’ hospitality during his family’s visit to the Great White North. 

4. A Helping Hand

Will thoughtfully offered to help Kate with the last few steps down from their seaplane. If only we all could have a Prince to lean on anytime we might have a wobble in stylish shoes.

5. Let Me Help You With That

Will clearly knows that one of his unofficial duties as the Duke of Cambridge is helping the Duchess whenever she has too many bouquets of flowers to handle.

6. Partners in Snacking

Ever the gentleman, Will held the wrapper of Kate’s snack while she chowed down on the delicious treat. The thoughtful gesture freed up Kate’s other hand to hilariously emphasize whatever she was trying to communicate.

7. Will to the Rescue

You won’t catch him bragging about it, but Will is basically an Avenger. When Vice Lord Lieutenant of Essex Jonathan Douglas-Hughes fell over during a welcome ceremony for the royal couple, Will came to his rescue and helped him back up.

8. How Sweet

Will thoughtfully helped these young women at the Caius House Youth Centre decorate cupcakes. Even if his decorating skills aren’t entirely on point, His Royal Highness still gets an A for effort.

9. So Gracious

Despite his busy schedule, William always has time to greet his fans.

10. Fan Service

Will wants all of his fans to feel appreciated, even his smallest admirers. That’s why he’s willing to kneel down to get on his tinier fans’ level.

11. Tasteful PDA

A gentleman knows there’s a happy medium between public displays of affection and public decorum. Will strikes a happy balance by holding Kate’s hand in public instead of, well, making out with her all over London.

12. Polite Applause

You can always count on Will to clap and cheer you on. He cares about those who he is watching’s feelings and wants them to play their best! 

13. Open Sesame

Will held the door open for his grandmum Queen Elizabeth because, well, he’s the epitome of a true gentleman.

14. Walk This Way

Will understands the challenges that come with wearing high fashion, so he held Kate’s hand to ensure she wouldn’t trip on the hem of her long gown.

15. The Ultimate Frizz Fighter

Will’s so considerate that he holds an umbrella over Kate’s perfect locks just so they won’t frizz up in the rain. What a gentleman.

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