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Sculptural couture allows for the materials to be pushed as far in their ability as the designers are pushed in theirs. The importance of this form of fashion creativity is paramount as it not only changes the evolution of fashion but so it does changes the way we use materials.
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Beautifully feminine gown from Paolo Sebastian FW 2018 collection.
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Fashion might be the ultimate self-expression but couture allows for self-expression as well as self-indulgence. Wearable art transforms not only her who wears it, but can change the atmosphere to an entire room.
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A wonderfully elegant and sexy number from the new @berta Miami Spring Summer 2019 Collection.
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Fabulously beaded cocktail dress from the @sherrihill FW18 collection😍
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Fabulous red statement dress by the incomparable @malyarovaolga. The mix of texture and vibrant colour is simply breathtaking
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The entire @eliesaabworld Fall 2018 collection focused more on shape than texture or adornments. Love how geometric forms, shapes and lines in a flat colour can create as much of a statement as a beaded gown.
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Fabulous yet casual look from the new Maticevski Spring 2019 collection
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Trends might come and go but true fashion-mastery never goes out of style. This @fendi coat from their Pre-Fall 2015 is still as fresh now as it was then
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A wonderful playful design and pattern on this hooded top from the @ramikadi Ometeo collection.
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Sometimes more is just enough! Fabulous emerald dress by @malyarovaolga
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Gorgeous muted metallic gold pants matched with a textured purple jumper. All pieces from the @albertaferretti Fall/Winter 2018 collection
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This week's throwback is a piece of art from the @dior 2004 collection
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Beautifully intricate crystal detailing on the sleeves of this elegant @georgeshobeika design
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One of the things we love the most about @chanelofficial is the fact that the accessories are as important as the clothing themselves. This styling technique allows you to constantly reinvent your outfits into something that looks completely different with each time.
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A throwback to the fabulous @xiaofen_couture show on board the Costa neoRomantica earlier this year in Hong Kong
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Fabulous usage of colours, balance, textures and proportions in this Blanka Matragi gown.
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Still beyond obsessed with this stunning @elliesaaab gown😍
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Somtimes simplistic elegance is more than over-developed shapes and patterns. Love this dress by @paolo_sebastian
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Cannot get enough of the @balmain Resort 2019 collection 😍
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