2022 Fashion Accessories: Items You Need In Your Wardrobe For Next Year

With the new year fast approaching, we round up below some of the must-have fashion accessories that will be in everyone’s wardrobe in 2022!

Statement Tights

Keeping cozy over winter and staying on-trend has never been so easy, with 2022 set to see the rise of statement tights in thick materials and in bold colours and designs, worn alone with a skirt, over socks, or under ripped jeans.

Sparkly pantyhose, or that decorated with sequins or rhinestones, has also been a major presence on the catwalks recently, as have stockings featuring openwork or imitation lace patterns.

Statement socks will be big, too, so look out for loud, fun designs featuring glitter, fluff, and eye-catching patterns.

2022 Fashion Accessories: Items You Need In Your Wardrobe For Next Year

Enticing Eyewear

Luxe designer eyewear is going to be huge in the new year, with square retro glasses, eco-friendly glasses, and timeless spectacle styles, like Prada eyeglasses, already making their presence known in the fashion world and on the high street.

Brightly coloured frames are starting to trend, too, with blocky frames in red, purple, and blue looking set to be the stars of the season. 

The must-have sunglasses style for next year is rectangular acetate frames in statement colours, such as vibrant reds and olive green, and crystal frame embellishments are likely to be popular, too.

2022 Fashion Accessories: Items You Need In Your Wardrobe For Next Year

Fabulous Florals

Flower designs will be one of the key fashion styles of 2022, which will be reflected in both clothing and accessories.

Expect oversized floral brooches and intricate statement earrings to blossom everywhere soon, with bright enamels and precious metals making up one of the prettiest trends of the year.

Hair accessories are also likely to be dominated by flower designs, with the prevalence of both minimalist and flamboyant barrettes, hairbands, and scarves.

2022 Fashion Accessories: Items You Need In Your Wardrobe For Next Year

Charming Jewellery

If you don’t own one already, a charm bracelet is a must-buy in terms of the fashion accessories you need for 2022. These bracelets are available in a huge range of styles and prices, from luxury gold bangles to simple, inexpensive chains.

Wearing a stack of charm bracelets is also likely to be increasingly popular.

Once you have chosen the bracelet, adorn it with charms that have special meaning to you, the more personal, the better; for example, you might select charms that symbolize your hobbies or people in your life that are important to you.

2022 Fashion Accessories: Items You Need In Your Wardrobe For Next Year

A Night At The Opera

One of the more unexpected trends set to emerge in the new year is opera gloves! Stay warm and on-trend this winter by donning a pair of these elbow-length gloves.

Choose your level of flamboyance by opting for either a functional, minimalistic woollen pair in grey or black or an extravagant silk pair embellished with intricate embroidery and sparkling detail…or something in between the two.

2022 Fashion Accessories: Items You Need In Your Wardrobe For Next Year

Holiday Accessories for the Winter Season

As the winter season ushers in festive cheer, accessorizing your winter wardrobe with holiday essentials can elevate both comfort and style. Thermal gloves are a must for keeping hands warm, while insulated winter boots ensure your feet stay dry and cosy.

For ear protection without the bulk of a full hat, warm headbands or ear muffs are ideal. A Balaclava style ski mask is an excellent choice for those seeking full face and neck coverage, offering snug protection under helmets or hoods, perfect for skiing or snowboarding.

Reflective arm bands enhance safety during early morning or late evening outings, and portable hand warmers provide a compact solution to keep your hands warm.

These accessories not only offer the necessary warmth and protection but also add a festive flair to your winter attire, making your holiday season both stylish and comfortable.

The Rise Of The Logo

Logomania last hit a peak in the 1980s, when nothing was considered fashionable if it didn’t have its brand or designer’s name emblazoned all over it, and its time is about to come again!

Things are likely to be a little bit more subtle this time around, though: look for discreet designer labels on belts, handbags, necklaces, and even lip rings. 

Handbag Heaven

Nothing finishes off a fabulously fashionable outfit like the perfect handbag, and in 2022 bags are going to be bigger and bolder than ever. Carryall-style bags and extra-large totes have begun to dominate the catwalk, often in extra bright colours or featuring fake fur.

Slouch-style clutch bags will be big in the new year, too, in nude shades or with a ‘knitted’ texture, as will travel bags and messenger bags – all of these oversized options point to a world eager to get travelling again after the restrictions of the pandemic.

Finally, a functional fashion on the rise is handbags featuring outside wallet compartments. While, for security reasons, it may not be wise to store your actual wallets in these pockets, other essentials, such as lipstick, tissues, and face masks, are just made for them!

2022 Fashion Accessories: Items You Need In Your Wardrobe For Next Year

Best Foot Forward

When it comes to footwear, it’s likely to be a case of from one extreme to the other. The two biggest trends of 2022 in this department will be the ballet flat and the towering platform heel, with not much in between!

Ballet flats have been enduringly popular for years and are a pretty way to up the comfort credentials of an outfit. The new year will see the ballet flat reinvented with a chunkier take on its formerly delicate styling and with lots of embellishments, like bows, buckles, and cross-straps.

Continuing the chunky theme, platform shoes will be bigger and higher than ever before and are likely to be brightly coloured and shimmering with glitter or sequin decorations.

Top Hats

Furry hats in a range of styles have been much in evidence on catwalks recently, as has the beanie hat, often sporting floral embellishments or in oversized styles.

Wider-brimmed hats are going to be huge, too, with fedoras and bowler hats set to dominate winter and oversized sunhats, the must-have summer accessory.

The humble snood has also made a surprising fashion resurgence, no doubt partly due to its triple use as a head covering, a scarf, and a face mask. Opt for either a balaclava style or a simple knitted design in brown, yellow, or red.

2022 Fashion Accessories: Items You Need In Your Wardrobe For Next Year

Post-Covid Couture

The impact of the pandemic, and the sense of optimism at the lifting of the restrictions, can be seen as an influence on many of the fashion trends expected to hit in 2022.

From the joy of anticipating a trip away being reflected in the utilitarian design of bags, shoes, and hats to the exuberance of glitter-infused accessories, our hopes for the future will be clearly expressed in the items to be found in our wardrobes next year.

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