3 Of The Absolute Best Bars In Mayfair

If you’re craving a city break or even just a night on the tiles, then the nation’s capital, good old London, is certainly a destination that should be high up on your list of possibilities.

London is fantastic for relaxing and unwinding because there are so many different parts to it and there is so much to do. Of course, you have the touristy parts with monuments such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the London Eye, and so on, but there’s also plenty of places for you to kick back, chill out, and take in the ambiance.

Mayfair for example is considered a very classy and upmarket part of London that is perfect for grabbing a cocktail or two in, and with so many bars to choose from, you’ll certainly be spoilt for choice. But what are some of the best Mayfair bars to visit? Well, that’s what we’ll find out now.

Whether you’re looking for delicious craft ale or a swanky cocktail, here’s a look at 3 of the best bars in Mayfair.

1. German Kraft Brewery

3 Of The Absolute Best Bars In Mayfair

When people think of bars in Mayfair, instantly they tend to think of cocktails. Now, don’t get us wrong, Mayfair is home to some of the best cocktail bars in the entire country, but they also know a thing or two about beer.

Head on over to central London, Mayfair, and you’ll find the German Kraft Brewery. This bar is located inside the stunning historic Mayfair Church and features some of the finest beers and ales you could wish for.

There’s a rooftop terrace, a lounge bar, and much more besides. The décor inside is what you would expect of a church, with a modern and upmarket twist. The beers and cocktails are awesome, as is the food.

2. Mr Fogg’s Residence

3 Of The Absolute Best Bars In Mayfair

Those of you who are familiar with the London cocktail bar scene, will no doubt be familiar with Mr. Fogg’s Residence in Covent Garden. It turns out, however, that this bar was such a hit, that they decided to open another in Mayfair.

Named after Phileas Fogg, who was of course the primary protagonist from Around the World in Eighty Days, this bar features some truly eye-catching décor with props and inspiration from all corners of the globe.

Those of you who love vintage themes and quaint and unique things will be in your element in this particular bar as you’ll find fine crockery, vintage bikes, antique furniture, and heaps more besides. As you might expect, there are also heaps of cocktails named after prominent historic figures, including the Fruity Queen Victoria.

3. Mahiki

3 Of The Absolute Best Bars In Mayfair

From the vintage and retro of Mr. Fogg’s Residence, we now have a tropical paradise in the form of Mahiki.

Mahiki is essentially a Tiki bar located in London, with beautiful island cocktails served in Tiki glasses and mugs and finished with slices of pineapple, umbrellas, and other wonderfully over-the-top props.

Popular cocktails include the classic Tiki favourite, the Pina Colada, along with a Mai-Pie, Tahiti Iced Tea, or a Mauna Loa. For a warm and friendly tropical party atmosphere, this is the ultimate Mayfair bar to visit. You’ll be especially impressed with the uniquely finished, Instagram-worthy tiki glasses, which take the form of creatures including sharks, monkeys, horses, and even mermaids!