4 Cities You Need To Visit In The South Of Germany

If you’re planning on exploring more of Europe in 2022, there’s no better place to start your travels than with a trip to Germany.

From the incredible culture to the cuisine, from the unforgettable sights to the world-renowned German beer, you’re sure to return having made many amazing memories.

In this article, we reveal 4 must-see cities for you to visit during your travels.


4 Cities You Need To Visit In The South Of Germany

There’s so much to see and do in Munich that’s sure to keep your day jam-packed full of activities. If you’re a fan of intricate architecture, why not begin with a visit to the Nymphenburg Palace? This impressive 18th-century building is one of the most prestige palaces in all of Europe. Explore the surrounding botanical gardens while soaking up the sunshine. After that, why not mosey down to the Victuals Market?

This local farmer’s market was founded in the 1800s and still stands today as a leading part of Munich’s culture.


4 Cities You Need To Visit In The South Of Germany

This small historical town is situated on the edge of the beautiful Lake Constance, bordering Austria and Switzerland. Absorb a dose of the local culture at the City Museum of Lindau – home to iconic modern art pieces and historic works. If after this you fancy a breath of fresh air, head to Gartendenkmal Lindenhof Park to soak up some nature. Boasting a huge glass-like lake, there’s no better place for a mid-afternoon picnic by the water.


4 Cities You Need To Visit In The South Of Germany

Nestled just north of the Austrian border, Fussen is a must-go for anyone visiting the south of Germany. Surrounded by the towering castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, this architecture is a wonder to behold. With scenes that look fresh out of a Disney-made fairy tale, enjoy picturesque views of turquoise lakes, rolling hills entwined with majestic mountain backdrops.

Be sure to pack your camera when visiting this breathtaking place!


4 Cities You Need To Visit In The South Of Germany

This medieval town based on the shores of the river Danube is definitely worth visiting while in southern Germany. Recognized as a UNESCO world heritage site, it boasts stunning views and has many historical sights to go and visit. Make a trip to the old stone bridge and take in the beautiful river views as the sun sets over the tranquil water.

Or why not book a tour around St Peter’s Cathedral? Here you’ll find many locals who go to pray within the walls of this ancient Roman catholic church. Whatever you do with your time here, Regensburg is sure to provide you with endless places to explore.