4 Important Considerations to Make When Shopping for Hair Pomade

It’s a fact that shopping for hair styling pomade these days isn’t easy. So, here’s how to pick the best ones out of the many brands and versions out there.

Shopping for Hair Styling Pomade? Here’s What You Need to Consider…

4 Important Considerations to Make When Shopping for Hair Pomade

It is a fact – hair styling pomades have become a necessity for modern men. Why? Well, with new and trendy hairstyles popping up frequently, it’s only natural to want something that simplifies the grooming process. And that’s exactly what most hair pomades offer.

Aside from aiding in styling, these products help to hold the hair in place while giving it the right amount of shine; as desired. Moreover, some come with special nutrients and ingredients that improve the health, appearance, and strength of hair. But, not all pomades are the same (i.e. don’t deliver the same results). 

Hence, the question; how can you tell which one is ideal for your hair? No clue? Don’t fret – that’s why you are here. Below are four important considerations that every man should make before buying hair pomade:

1. Your Hair Type

4 Important Considerations to Make When Shopping for Hair Pomade

Note, there are different ways to categorize types of hair; including:

  • Thick/coarse/tough or thin/frail.
  • Dry or oily.
  • Curly/wavy or straight.
  • Sensitive or normal.

Out of these categories, the most important one is usually – strand thickness or strength. Why? Because how thick or thin your hair is will determine whether or not a pomade is ideal for you.

For example, men with thick/tough hair require high-hold pomades to (tame) keep their style in place all day long. However, using a high-hold (or heavy) pomade on thin hair can cause damage and breakage. Get it?

Therefore, you need to make sure you get the right product for your hair type. Otherwise, even if it’s the best hair pomade available, it might end up underperforming or damaging your strands. Advisably, use high-hold pomades on thick/tough/course/untamable hair and low to medium strength on thin/frail hair types.

2. Desired Hold and Shine

4 Important Considerations to Make When Shopping for Hair Pomade

Now, once you’ve considered your hair type, the next step is to outline the needs of the hairstyle you want. Knowing this allows you to determine how much hold, shine, and volume you need.

For example, if you are going for a Pompadour or Slick Back, you’ll need a decent amount of hold to keep the hair in place for long. However, for men who want a Spiky Mohawk, an even stronger hold will be necessary. Lastly, light hold pomades are ideal for those looking for a flexible, loose, and easy-to-restyle hairdo.

As for the shine, it all depends on the finish you are aiming for. For a natural finish, a matte/low-shine pomade will do. On the other hand, high-shine pomades are ideal for a slick, wet, and oily look.

3. Ingredient Composition

4 Important Considerations to Make When Shopping for Hair Pomade

Perhaps, one of the most overlooked aspects of hair styling products is their ingredients list. Most of us often assume that all pomades are safe to use and healthy. However, that’s not the case. Some ingredients usually cause more harm than good; including:

  • Sulfates.
  • Parabens.
  • Denatured alcohols.
  • Synthetic fragrances.
  • Formaldehyde.
  • Phthalates and so on.

These ingredients, although intended to improve the efficiency of the styling products, can cause several complications.

For instance, Sulfates are known to strip hair of essential oils leaving them dry and brittle. Also, some cases of scalp and skin irritations are often a result of Synthetic Fragrances. Anyway, these are just a few of the many toxic ingredients you should look out for when shopping for pomade.

4. Washability

4 Important Considerations to Make When Shopping for Hair Pomade

Lastly, is the pomade easy to wash? Obviously, you want something that will give you an easy time when applying or washing it off. Right? Generally, all water-based pomades are easy to clean off. And even If you happen to buy an oil-based product, shampooing will do the trick.

But, to be on the safe side, always read through user reviews; to see what others are saying about the product. It will give you more insight into the pomade; plus, you’ll get to learn more about its performance and expected results.