4 Tips on Dressing for Your Body Type

Dressing for your body type is all about recognizing how your clothes influence your comfort. We all want to feel comfortable with how we look, and a big part of that is feeling good in the clothes we choose to wear. While we know that comfort is critical, it can be difficult to identify the clothes that provide maximum comfort without reducing the style you want to showcase in your look. To help you manage the balancing act of comfort and style, here are four tips on dressing for your body.

1. Know Your Tendencies

Everyone has different tendencies with fashion because everyone has some insight into the clothing that works for them. You’ve likely dabbled with different looks over the years and have an understanding of the best clothing for you.

4 Tips on Dressing for Your Body Type

You might know, for instance, that low-rise summer pants are not for you, that curvy jeans for women are ideal for your body type, or that extra roomy tops make you look like you’re swimming in your shirt.

Even if you aren’t a style-obsessed kind of person, you still likely avoid certain kinds of clothing to stay comfortable in what you wear. Pay attention to your tendencies and look only at clothes that you know will support your body comfortably.

2. Find Your Stores

Many people gravitate to the same stores repeatedly once they’ve realized that a store sells a precise fit that they enjoy wearing. You might only buy your jeans from a particular brand, or even buy the same pair of pants in different colors. All of this is acceptable.

4 Tips on Dressing for Your Body Type

You need to focus on getting more comfortable finding your stores and letting go of the idea that you have to shop at different places to be considered acceptable. We all have different bodies that need different things, clothing included! As versatile as you may be with your diet, extend this flexibility to your clothes.

3. Consider Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle also influences your body type. How active or sedentary you are may influence your weight or muscle mass and what kinds of clothes will make you feel the most comfortable. If you enjoy lifting weights, you might have more muscle body mass than others. If you work in an overly hot or cold environment, you might also have specific needs.

Consider functional outfits with the flexibility you need to feel comfortable. Consider your lifestyle to pick the clothing that works for your body, wherever life takes you.

4 Tips on Dressing for Your Body Type

If you’re into hiking, you might be the type to make boots and jeans look cool. Explore and try things!

4. How Does Your Body Run?

An aspect of body type that is commonly overlooked is the base temperature you tend to stay at throughout the day. Finding the right clothes for your body type also requires considering your base temperature.

Own it if you are the type to bring a sweater with you everywhere you go! Likewise, bring a tank top to change into if you run hot! If you tend to run cold or hot, you will need to coordinate your wardrobe accordingly. Consider your needs to find the clothes that are right for your body type, temperature, and confidence.

The Bottom Line

4 Tips on Dressing for Your Body Type

There is no right or wrong as long as you feel comfortable! Your body type is composed of your body shape and your body temperature. Consider these two primary components as your shop for clothing that works for your body type and style. Look at the above four tips when you need encouragement to purchase the clothing that is right for your body and your body alone!