4 Travel Destinations Ideas for Winter 2023

It is never too early to start planning your next holiday. The faster you start searching and booking everything, the more money you will be able to save. But even if you do not feel comfortable committing to booking specific dates, knowing the city you would like to travel to and checking for deals and discounts will also help.

But enough with the money talk. Travelling is an experience that is worth investing in because it helps people broaden their horizons and learn more about their own strengths and weaknesses as they are forced to survive in a place out of their comfort zone.

Below you will find 4 cities that we believe are perfect for travellers to go to this upcoming winter as they offer both fun and educational activities. Ready to see our travel recommendations?

Destination 1: The Three Valleys, France

4 Travel Destinations Ideas for Winter 2023

We will start with a typical winter destination, and this is The Three Valleys. What makes it a usual candidate for such a list? The Three Valleys is one of the largest ski areas in the whole world. It consists of seven excellent ski resorts that can accommodate all levels of skiers. If you are interested in learning skiing or you have little experience in the sport, you should start with the Val Thorens resort and book a ski pass with Nuco Travel. The ski pass will allow you to access more challenging pistes and resorts as you get better and better.

Destination 2: Nagano, Japan

4 Travel Destinations Ideas for Winter 2023

One more must-visit city for winter sports lovers is Nagano. Nagano is the capital city of Nagano Prefecture. The fact that there are 86 ski resorts in the area confirms why many skiers and winter enthusiasts choose to go there every year. It is worth mentioning that the Winter Olympic Games were held in that area in 1998.

Destination 3: Athens, Greece

4 Travel Destinations Ideas for Winter 2023

Greece is a popular summer destination, but it has a lot to offer in winter as well. The temperate climate of the country will allow you to explore all the archaeological sites, museums and downtown monuments without freezing to death. On the contrary, you are likely to explore the capital of the country and go on excursions to beautiful villages nearby while getting a taste of the famous Greek sun. If you do want to play in the snow, there are coach and train routes from Athens to the popular Parnassus ski resort.

Destination 4: Sydney, Australia

4 Travel Destinations Ideas for Winter 2023

For people who love summer and are ready to do anything in their power to enjoy sunshine all year round, Australia is the obvious winter destination as it is summer from December to February there. Sydney is a safe option as it is one of the most widely known cities in the country thanks to its iconic landmarks, such as Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge and St Mary’s Cathedral.