5 Amazing Australian Travel Ideas

Australia is the latest discovered continent of all and is still not appropriately explored. In Europe, for example, there’s no place that a human hasn’t set foot on, but Australia is nearly intact. If you live in this amazing part of the world and love traveling, then you are probably ecstatic with the idea of having the chance to explore every day.

If you have already traveled to many places, you’re wondering where to go next. We’re here to use this opportunity and suggest a few ideas that you may not have visited. Some of these might be too far away for you or won’t fit your adventure style, but others might be a great idea.

If you find some interesting, feel free to visit them and enjoy nature’s beauty. We will give you a brief intro to what they offer and how it is best to get there, but that doesn’t mean you must follow our suggestion. Adventures are done best when you’re not planning too much. Follow up and see what we have prepared and see if you like the ideas.

1. Wombeyan Caves

5 Amazing Australian Travel Ideas

Just off Sydney, this intact piece of nature offers around 200 caves to be explored. While doing it, you can set camp by the river and explore the surroundings. People love going there with their own vehicles and enjoy the rough outdoors and the unpredictable nature and weather.

If you like the idea, it’s best to get there with a UTE. Make sure you install one of those popular tool boxes for trucks, get everything you need with you for a comfortable and safe stay, and spend a couple of days there. Don’t be surprised if there’s no connection or lights at all. It’s rough nature, and you’ll become one with it just if you spend the night there.

2. Stockton Beach

5 Amazing Australian Travel Ideas

Another place close to Sydney but with entirely different scenery is Stockton Beach, which is next to the ocean and offers a different experience. The long beach just north of Newcastle offers hours of entertainment and fun in the perfectly shaped sand. You can enjoy the amazing climate and the waves of the water.

Many people choose to drive through it as an off-road driving experience. It is safe yet fun. It’s perfect for everyone that loves off-road trucks and would like to challenge nature with its driving skills. Others prefer a more relaxed approach and enjoy some of the world’s best sunrises.

3. Kakadu National Park

5 Amazing Australian Travel Ideas

Located in the northern parts of the continent, the Kakadu National Park provides an experience like no other. Getting there is best done with professional guides, but what you’re going to see there is out of this world. Nature’s beauties like no other place are available here.

Mountains, cliffs, lakes, forests, and animal species that can’t be found elsewhere on the planet are seen here. The amazing sandy beaches and waterfalls are also something that many will enjoy—a perfect combination of nature exploration and enjoying the sun – the Kakadu National Park.

4. Kangaroo Island

5 Amazing Australian Travel Ideas

In the deep south of the continent, there’s the Kangaroo Island just off Adelaide. Getting there is best done by boat. There’s an abundance of wildlife on the island, especially species living in the ocean. Sea lions and penguins can be found, but koalas and echidnas are also to be seen.

Everyone enjoying islands should visit this place and see how a closed ecosystem works. Once upon a time, this island was connected to the mainland, but today it is a home for tons of animals that live there but can’t be found on the other side of the sea. It’s a true exploration destination.

5. Great Barrier Reef

5 Amazing Australian Travel Ideas

Diving into the Pacific and exploring underwater means going into the Great Barrier Reef. This place is perfect for those that love diving and exploring the underwater world. Tons of different fish, dolphins, and sea plants can be seen here, but what is more interesting is that they can’t be found elsewhere.

The neighbouring cities are well-equipped with diving equipment everything you may need, so all you have to do is get there. There are many modern hotels too, and the places are designed for people who love spending time underwater.


5 Amazing Australian Travel Ideas

These five amazing places are excellent travelling destinations for everyone that loves nature. They offer so much wildlife, outdoor experiences, and enjoyment. They are all best visited when the weather is perfect, with enough sun, but without temperatures going too high. If you love being close to your city destinations, you can say that there is something for everyone.

If you want to travel far away from your home, you also have the option. What is mutual for all of these destinations is that everyone should visit them at least once in their life because the beauty they offer is outstanding.

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