5 Benefits Of Playing An Instrument

Statistics say that around 75% of adults worldwide played an instrument at least once in their lifetimes. This number is way lower when we’re talking about active instrument players and those doing it professionally.

However, many adults and children will want to learn an instrument. Some will be interested but won’t do it because they think it is a waste of time. Actually, playing an instrument has many benefits. Children benefit more from playing an instrument, but it is also great for adults.

In this article, we share a few tips on learning to play an instrument. We will explain why it is great and what are its main benefits from it. Any instrument will do – the drums, piano, or double bass – all are great for you. Keep reading to learn why playing an instrument is worth your time.

1. Playing Music Helps Your Brain Function Perfectly

5 Benefits Of Playing An Instrument

Playing an instrument will help your brain work flawlessly. Attempting to get all the notes right and create the melody you’re aiming for means your brain needs to stay active and do its best. This means it exercises and is always in shape. Your brain is like your muscles; it needs constant stimulation to do its job when you most need it.

This is why every musician you’ve met has an excellent response to anything you say to them. Their brains work much faster than yours. They are trained to think fast as their brain has been working flawlessly for years. Some of them even for their entire lifetime.

2. Calms People Down And Takes Care Of Their Mental Health

5 Benefits Of Playing An Instrument

Playing an instrument calms people down. It is excellent for lowering stress and anxiety levels, which is perfect for your mental health. An instrument is an excellent solution if you’re struggling to remain calm and peaceful and feel like you need something in your life to improve your thoughts.

Pick the one you find the most suitable and learn how to play it. If you already know, it’s great to have daily sessions where you’ll hang in with your instrument, or you can join a band and do it with other people. At the end of the session, you’ll surely feel better than before.

3. Helps You Build Exquisite Self-Esteem

Our hormones determine our thoughts. We feel sad, happy, with low self-esteem, or confused by having particular hormones raised or lowered. One of the most important hormones for having higher self-esteem is serotonin.

This hormone is raised through sun exposure and exercise, but also by stress relief and happy moments. As we mentioned in the previous point, playing an instrument is an excellent stress-relief strategy, and many people deeply enjoy doing it. Playing an instrument and being successful in it significantly raises your self-esteem.

5 Benefits Of Playing An Instrument

4. It Makes You Happy

Life is full of stress and situations you don’t want to do. You must go to work and listen to your bosses; going home means more obligations, and even the weekends are full of duties. It seems like we’re living lives in which there is no time to enjoy yourselves.

We don’t do something truly meaningful. Even if we find some time to do it, we binge-watch TV shows or play games. If you’re tired of this kind of system, you might want to start playing an instrument and experience true joy and happiness.

5. Excellent For Making Friends

Joining a band and playing instruments with people that love doing the same is excellent for your social exposure. Playing an instrument in a band will open so many views and opportunities. You’ll meet new people with so much to tell you, show you, and lead you to unknown parts you’ve never been to in your life.

Even if none of these exciting things happens, you will still make new friends. Some band friends remain friends for life. Many people who enter a band playing an instrument will do this for years, even decades to come. Struggling to make friends in other ways, or missing out on old ones you have no chance of hanging out with anymore, means starting to play an instrument and entering a band.

5 Benefits Of Playing An Instrument


These several points show you why an instrument and learning to play one is excellent. If you’ve been playing the guitar as a child or a teenager, but it is long forgotten, maybe this is the right time to go to the store and buy a new one.

If you know the basics, it will be easy for you to go back to playing it more successfully. Who knows where life will take you? One day, you might build a career by doing it. It may even become your primary income source. Take chances and have fun by playing your favourite instrument.

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