5 Crucial Queries On Botox Surgery You May Have

Are you planning to get your forehead wrinkles smoothened but have a lot of concerns regarding the procedure? We are here to help answer some of the commonly wondered questions regarding Botox. If you know the why and how of this chemical, then it is easier to understand its use in cosmetic procedures.

What Is Botox Surgery?

5 Crucial Queries On Botox Surgery You May Have

Before we discuss the procedure, it is important to know what comprises Botox. It is a neurotoxic protein produced by bacteria cultured from the gut. Botox is effective in temporarily smoothing age lines since it prevents the release of the neurotransmitter from axon endings at the neuromuscular junction. This ultimately leads to partial paralysis on the parts where Botox is injected.

Earlier, Botox was only used for medical treatment of muscle reflex related diseases. So apparently Botox was not commercially used or licensed for cosmetic purposes until 1989 when Dr Richard Clark decided to pursue studying the effects of Botox for cosmetically removing fine lines and wrinkles.  

Botox was used medically to treat disorders such as overactive muscle movement, spinal cord injuries, spasms in the head and neck caused by epilepsy and cerebral palsy. It was also found very effective to loosen up clenched muscles of the bladder and other organs which restricts normal functioning like difficulty urinating and anal fissures caused by haemorrhaging.

While administering Botox for the above medical disorders, Dr Clark realized it could be used in small cosmetic surgeries to plump up stressed muscles on the forehead. He was granted FDA approval to experiment with Botulinum Toxin. He used this opportunity to work on wrinkles around eyes and forehead muscles which fold over time.

Is Botox Considered Safe Enough?

Over the years Botox has evolved into a highly popular commercial procedure that is used the world over by dermatologists and cosmeticians to remove forehead wrinkles, laugh lines, crow’s feet and many such beauty enhancements. 

One sitting of Botox takes just 15 minutes. You may not be able to feel your face for some time after that but the numbness will wear off once the anesthesia is ineffective.

5 Crucial Queries On Botox Surgery You May Have

Botox has been in cosmetic use for quite some time now and produced successful results. It has gained tremendous medical legitimacy in the reduction of wrinkles, fine lines which occur mostly on the forehead and eye region. Age criteria for Botox Surgery are 18+ as per FDA norms.

Is The Surgery Painful?

Botox is injected into the facial muscles. First, a topical anesthetic is applied to the facial areas to numb the muscles before the procedure. Micro needles are used to inject Botox so even without the anesthesia, you will feel only a minor pinch.

What Are The Results Of Botox On Wrinkles?

When Botox is injected into the muscles, it acts as a relaxant on those stressed muscles. This smoothes out the surface wrinkles. Botox as we mentioned earlier is a neurotoxic protein which essentially means it is a muscle relaxant.

Botox is used in aesthetic surgeries due to its ability to ease outlines formed over the years due to smiling, squinting, frowning, clenching and stressing. Even the horizontal lines between both eyebrows, crow’s feet and lines on the neck caused over the years can be made to look even with Botox.

5 Crucial Queries On Botox Surgery You May Have

Due to frequent stretching of the facial muscles, the skin loses its elasticity. This causes the skin around those often stressed muscles to loosen and fold resulting in wrinkles and laugh lines. Botox relaxes these muscles for a certain amount of time.

How Long Do The Results Of Botox Last?

The effects of botulinum toxin injections last 2 to 4 months. This duration differs for different people depending upon the lifestyle choices they make. Any activity which destroys the collagen of the face will lead to faster wrinkles. So after the surgery, you really need to take care so that the visits do not have to be made too often.

About one week post botox procedure, the chemical starts to work on the facial muscles and clears out the wrinkles and fine lines. The results of this procedure start to wear off depending upon the aftercare and individual efforts. To maintain the effects of Botox, repeated sessions need to be made.


5 Crucial Queries On Botox Surgery You May Have

Botox procedure has become as common as a dental procedure now. Skincare specialists at Skinly Aesthetics suggest you undergo a forehead wrinkle removal Botox surgery, to begin with. Once your face responds well to it, then you can opt for more enhanced areas like the eyes and laugh lines since they are more sensitive. 

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