Look For These 5 Safety Features In Motocross Boots

Do you know some countries have rules and regulations on motorcycle footwear? These rules demand wearing protective motorcycle gear before riding. Motorcycle boots serve as protective equipment for your feet, thus protecting them against the hazards of the road. Different motorcycle boots are available in the market, varying what bike you are riding. Motocross boots are specially designed to wear during motocross or dirt biking. 

Motocross is a thrilling adventure sport. You take your bike on the rough terrains and off-road it with your fellow bikers. When you ride on rough roads, you expose your feet to accidents, injuries, falls, and fractures. Good-quality motocross boots offer maximum protection against such injuries, thus keeping you safe. 

You will come across different motocross boots while shopping, and picking the best one from the lot may become confusing. Thus, we urge you to always focus on the safety features that a pair of boots offers to buy the best. Here are some safety features to check out while shopping for motocross boots. 

Look For These 5 Safety Features In Motocross Boots

Abrasion Resistance

Many motorcycle boots have incredible abrasion resistance. Some premium models also include Sliding ability that you may need. This is because the footwear is supposed to be rigid so that the manufacturers may get away with stiffer and thicker materials. 

If you choose leather motocross boots, ensure they are full or top grain. Avoid buying split leather as it doesn’t save your feet from a crash. Leather is more abrasion-resistant, whereas textiles are more breathable. Many brands offer a combination of both materials. They may be a little expensive, but it is a good idea to buy them. 

Look For These 5 Safety Features In Motocross Boots

Armour Plating

Good motorcycle boots should comprise armor plating over the heel, toe, and ankle bone. If you are buying full-length boots, they will also have shin protection. 

Some people say that steel-toe boots are dangerous as there is a risk that the armor plate will sever your toe. However, it is a plain myth. The role of armor plating is to provide extra protection to the shoe. 

Range Of Movement And Rigidity

Look For These 5 Safety Features In Motocross Boots

When you crash, it is common for your feet to get caught between a hard place and a motorcycle. In this event, you may fall prey to different things:

  1. Your ankle may get overextended, and things may tear in place.
  2. You may twist your ankle, which also builds up torsional pressure.
  3. Your lower leg may crush. 

The good news is that wearing good-quality motocross boots avoids all these problems. Always look for a product that comes with plastic plating and offers a limited range of movement. 

Anti-Tangling And Grip

We recommend you look for slip-resistant soles. Some motocross boots are designed to offer a good grip against oily surfaces. 

Snagging a shoelace may also be a big problem, especially when putting your feet down. Look for boots with hidden or stripped-down laces to avoid this embarrassing situation. 

Heat Resistance

Last but not least, heat resistance is another sought-after feature that you must consider while buying boots. Your lower legs might be near the exhaust, engine block, or other hot things depending on the motorcycle. 

Choosing a pair of heat-resistant boots will protect your legs from burning. Many brands and manufacturers use several materials in the boot’s construction to make it immune to catching heat, such as Kevlar and Aramidic fibers. Some boots also possess leather and rubber protection. 

Look For These 5 Safety Features In Motocross Boots


Wearing good-quality motocross boots is everything you need to protect your feet and legs from injuries. Look for a pair that includes the above-listed safety features. We promise you will not regret spending money on them. Shop now.

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