5 Sights To See When Sailing Around New Zealand

New Zealand seems to have it all when it comes to recreation, and sailing fans will be excited to know that there are 5 incredible sights to be discovered. If you are experienced in sailing or are looking for a new and unique way to explore another country after finding the perfect yacht for sale, then we have your new holiday list ready to go. Let’s discover these stunning locations.

1. Lake Taupo

5 Sights To See When Sailing Around New Zealand

Lake Taupo is a great place to sail if you are looking for calmer waters and plan on bringing some children on your expedition. There is so much to see that you do not need to speed up, and the pace will make for a really relaxing holiday. Lake Taupo is one of New Zealand’s largest lakes so allow enough time to sail through and take time to port and take in the views. For those seeking a cultural experience, be sure to keep your eyes open for the Maori carvings on the rockface.

This is something you will want to take a photo of as they are a beautiful sight to behold.

2. Abel Tasman

5 Sights To See When Sailing Around New Zealand

If you have ever Googled pictures of the sailing destinations in New Zealand, then chances are you were looking at Abel Tasman. The clear water and stunning beaches that frame the body of water make this a truly magical destination. You can enjoy a self-guided tour of this sailing spot, or you can book a tour so that you see every last corner of Abel Tasman.

Abel Tasman National Park is also worth exploring so be sure to add some time at the top or bottom of your trip to get on land!

3. Akaroa

5 Sights To See When Sailing Around New Zealand

Akaroa is a cruising destination and it is clear to see why, as passengers can take in all the views as they make their way through the blue waters. Now it is easy to be confused about Akaroa, as there is Akaroa town, Akaroa Beach and Akaroa Harbour. When you are planning your sailing trip be sure to triple-check what kinds of tickets you are buying and booking so you are not going to be attending the wrong Akaroa attraction. If there is enough time, of course, you should visit them all!

4. Bay Of Islands

5 Sights To See When Sailing Around New Zealand

Be sure to take substantial annual leave as there is a whopping 144 islands to explore in this area. You will absolutely hit sailing bingo on this Bay of Islands expeditions as there are dolphins to be seen, snorkelling spots to explore, and some of the clearest water you’ll ever encounter. If you are sun-seeking, then the Bay of Islands is for you, as it is one of the sunniest spots there is.

There is also a great game fishing culture in the area and lots of Maori artefacts to witness in these untouched islands. Make this a group sailing trip and take your time enjoying the ride as you check out these islands.

5. Auckland

5 Sights To See When Sailing Around New Zealand

Auckland is more than just a business district, it is actually home to some of the best sailing destinations. The word Aukland translates to the “City of Sails”, so if that doesn’t give you the vote of confidence to add this to your sailing visit list, then maybe the accessibility will. Auckland is so built-up that it makes departing on your voyage so easy, and you can choose where you return to also.

If you are only planning on visiting Aukland for your holiday, then you can take your time exploring the Aukland Hauraki Gulf. Every four years the America’s Cup Sailing tour takes place, so you may be able to witness or take part in this incredible event.

6. Waitemata Harbour

Extending on from Aukland is the Waitemata Harbour, often referred to as the Aukland Harbour. This is a great destination to sail in if you are part of a large group of sailors. There is plenty of room to explore the waters together and drop the anchor to enjoy the water and some onboard entertaining. Despite the proximity to Aukland and the bustling city, the mudflats and mangroves that line the Waitemata Harbour make for an authentic sailing day out.

5 Sights To See When Sailing Around New Zealand

Where are you heading first next time you explore New Zealand? The water, climate and vast views certainly have a lot to offer the average sailer – so get planning your next New Zealand escape.

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