5 Types Of Tobacco People Usually Choose And Why – Find Out Here

The tobacco plant is a multi-purpose plant that is known to be a source of many products. It might interest you to know that over hundreds of years, tobacco has been harvested, processed, and consumed in different ways such as smoking, chewing, among others. 

However, smoking is the most popular of all the different ways in which people consume tobacco to satisfy their nicotine addiction. It is reported that there are over 1 billion people in the world that smoke. 

But, it’s important to note that no one knows the exact number for sure since there has been a reported decline in the number of tobacco users across the world, more so among western countries. 

Tobacco products are still consumed globally, and different cultures still find new ways to consume the product. Regardless of whether you’re a smoker or not, you have to admit that tobacco is quite popular and a very interesting product. In this post, we’ll break down the different types of tobacco that people usually use and why;

1. Cigarettes

5 Type Of Tobacco People Usually Choose And Why - Find Out Here

Among all the tobacco products in the world, cigarettes have to be the most popular, especially in western countries. In the manufacture of cigarettes, tobacco leaves are usually dried and cured and later pressed into forming cakes which are then shredded. 

Afterwards, the shredded tobacco parts are then rolled inside a huge cigarette paper and then rolled inside a machine. The machine hardens the cigarette paper while also cutting the cigarettes into small pieces as required. 

Cigarettes across the world are easily recognized because of their white and orange colouring. Nowadays, most cigarettes have a filter that regulates the amount of nicotine a smoker inhales. 

Most people choose cigarettes as their preferred type of tobacco because they’re cheaper, and they want to look cool around their peers.

2. Blunt Cigars

5 Type Of Tobacco People Usually Choose And Why - Find Out Here

Blunt cigars are another form of tobacco that is very common among many people. These cigars usually have a rounded tip and usually have a thick outer leaf which is rolled over thinner tobacco leaves. 

It’s important to note that cigars usually have moderate thickness and length. You can pick from a wide range of xikar cigar cutters the best one for you to use when adjusting the length of your cigars. It is reported that blunt cigars originated from Philadelphia, and unlike the other cigars, they tend to burn a lot faster. 

Most people choose this type of tobacco with the claim that they’re avoiding the health hazards involved with cigarettes. 

3. Chewing Tobacco 

5 Type Of Tobacco People Usually Choose And Why - Find Out Here

This refers to a type of tobacco where users chew the product to release flavour and nicotine. This is arguably one of the oldest ways of consuming tobacco in the world since it began long before cigarettes or cigars were invented. 

It is reported that chewing tobacco originated from indigenous South and North American regions but was made popular by European settlers. 

Chewing tobacco has been a commonly used type of tobacco over the years, and up to date, some people still use it. Athletes made chewing tobacco popular in the early 20th century before cigarettes took over. 

Many people choose chewing tobacco as their preferred type of tobacco because they do not like the smoke coming from cigarettes and cigars. They view chewing tobacco as a classy and less dangerous way of consuming tobacco. 

4. Cigarillos 

5 Type Of Tobacco People Usually Choose And Why - Find Out Here

These are shorter and narrower forms of cigars that are more similar in shape to cigarettes. However, regardless of their size, cigarillos are still smoked as traditional cigars. 

This means that you’re not supposed to inhale the smoke as you’d do with a cigarette, but rather, you should savor the smoke in the mouth. This is meant as a way of enjoying the tobacco flavors a lot more than the traditional way. 

Even though cigarillos resemble cigarettes, they’re not wrapped using cigarette paper but rather, a much larger and thicker tobacco leaf is used. 

Most people choose cigarillos as their preferred type of tobacco because they burn a lot faster than traditional cigars do; hence they can be enjoyed in the shortest time possible.

5. E-Cigarettes

5 Type Of Tobacco People Usually Choose And Why - Find Out Here

This is a newer and modern way of consuming tobacco that is becoming increasingly popular among the younger generation. It involves a device shaped like a pen, cigar, or cigarette but doesn’t contain tobacco. 

Instead, e-cigarettes contain nicotine flavouring and chemicals to create vapour. It might interest you to know that the amount of nicotine varies from one e-cigarette to another. 

Many people are choosing e-cigarettes because they’re available in different flavors compared to cigarettes and cigars.

Even though tobacco is still one of the most consumed products out there, its consumption has faced a decline over recent years. This can be attributed to the numerous organizations raising awareness about the health risks of using tobacco. 

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