6 Different Ways To Remove Splinter From Your Skin

Accidents happen every day to different people, and the magnitude varies. While others grapple with major misfortunes, others have to bear the pain of dealing with seemingly unimportant happenings.

Splinters could result from a tiny broken glass or a piece of wood lodged into the skin.

The worst part is that no one is ever prepared for such and they take us by surprise most of the time. Here are timely and effective ways to remove a splinter from your skin.

1. Use a Banana Peel

6 Different Ways To Remove Splinter From Your Skin

This has got to be one of the most painless splinter removal methods. It works mainly for the ones that are too deep into the skin. Ripe banana peels are natural treatment methods and leave no signs of side effects. A banana peel works by cutting off a piece that’s enough to cover the affected area and then taping it on the skin. It contains enzymes that work naturally by making the skin supple.

If it’s deep enough, you might have to leave the banana peel to stay overnight. When the skin is soft enough, the splinter is compelled to rise and eventually reach the skin’s surface. Deeper splinters may require the banana peel to stay for an extra day to find its way towards the skin surface. If a banana peel doesn’t sit well with you for some reason, try a potato peel as a second option.

It possesses almost similar qualities as banana peels and works the same way to get rid of splinters.

2. Use a Pair of Tweezers

6 Different Ways To Remove Splinter From Your Skin

This can be regarded as general knowledge for anyone who’s been down that road before. Splinters could either stick to the skin’s surface or, worse still, get deeper depending on the gravity of the accident.

Tweezers can be a viable solution depending on how well you manipulate them. They are easy to use and guaranteed to work most of the time. When done gently and tactfully, tweezers can reach the splinter and dig it out of your skin within a short time. Before using your tool, locate the splinter first and ensure it’s something within the range of tweezers. Gently reach out for the fragment to avoid causing more damage to your skin.

Most importantly, sterilize the tweezers if they are not new and have not been used in a long time. When buying a pair for such emergencies, consider factors such as the size or the overall shape.

3. The Baking Soda Option

This is yet another addition to the long list of things to do to get rid of a splinter. Before undertaking this delicate operation, ensure that you first use soap and water to clean the splintered part of the skin.

Cleaning up the area prevents germs from coming into contact with the baking soda, making room for serious infections. Antiseptic is yet another ideal solution in case the soap in question lacks favorable cleansing qualities.

Mix the baking soda with a few drops of water to make a thick creamy paste. Spread the mixture gently on the splintered area and cover it up with a band-aid to avoid drying up before it begins to take effect.

The band-aid should stay put for not more or less than 24 hours. During this time, the baking soda utilizes the opportunity to attract the splinter to the skin surface. Once the splinter is visible to your naked eye, use a pair of sterilized tweezers to take it out.

4. Soak In Epsom Salts

After being in use for hundreds of years, Epsom salts have gained the trust of many users. They have mostly curved a niche for themselves in the world of modern medicine. Even splinters have nothing on Epsom salts since they display the most potent treatment tactics. It possesses the ability to bring stubborn splinters to the skin surface regardless of the tiny size.

However, patience is a crucial requirement since you’ll be required to soak the affected area in Epsom salts for hours on end. For someone with a busy work schedule, they can try spreading Epsom salts on a band-aid and covering the affected part. Use tweezers to pull out the splinter once it gets to the surface.

6 Different Ways To Remove Splinter From Your Skin

5. Sewing Needle

Being a sharp object, it is a potential hazard when used without sterilizing first. Clean the needle using antiseptic and wipe dry before poking the areas around the splinter. This pushes it further up, making it easier to pull it out using a pair of tweezers.

6. Oil or Vinegar

Since not everyone may gain easy access to Epsom salts, oil or vinegar are viable options due to their easy availability. Soak the affected part in your preferred solution for about half an hour.

The reason for this is to enable the splinter to make it to the skin’s surface, ready for a quick and painless pullout.

6 Different Ways To Remove Splinter From Your Skin


Splinters are no longer as problematic and urgent as they used to be before discovering all the listed solutions. More solutions are still on the way to make it easier to deal with splinters faster and more effectively. To be on the safer side, seek medical advice if yours appears to be a unique splinter problem.

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