6 Dog-Friendly Destinations In The UK

If you have dogs at home, leaving them while you’re away on vacation will be one of the hardest things you’ll ever have to do. You certainly want to bring them along. However, not every place is dog-friendly, and making special travel arrangements for them can be quite expensive. 

Thankfully, traveling with dogs is no longer unusual. The UK is one of the numerous nations that have welcomed canine tourists from around the world. There are so many dog-friendly locations in the UK for you to visit and explore.

But before you travel, it’s important to think about your vacation lodging as it ought to have the amenities you and your dog require. You can look online for the top dog-friendly retreat houses or visit dogfriendlyretreats.com to find out more. 

When you’re ready, you can now go to any of these six dog-friendly destinations in the UK with your four-legged companion. 

6 Dog-Friendly Destinations In The UK

1. North Wales & Snowdonia

North Wales & Snowdonia consistently ranks first in the list of dog-friendly destinations in the UK. It’s known to receive thousands of dogs traveling with their families yearly. Why do dogs and their respective owners love this place? There’s never a shortage of outdoor activities to do, which is a must when you’re traveling with dogs

For instance, you can choose to walk around traditional villages with locals who are used to having so many dogs around. If you’re up for an adventure, you can also take a hike to mountain ranges and rolling hills. North Wales & Snowdonia have the best of what the countryside has to offer. 

2. Cornwall

Cornwall in England’s southwestern tip is another dog-friendly destination. This place earned its claim to fame mostly because it’s a very scenic county. It’s the perfect place to visit for those who love the beach, rugged cliffs, or scenic fishing villages. Your dog will undoubtedly enjoy a trip to this location with you.

6 Dog-Friendly Destinations In The UK

Moreover, the Outdoor Garden is one of the most popular attractions for dog owners in Cornwall. It’s packed with scenic walking routes where your dog can play and run around. 

3. Malton, North Yorkshire

The majority of business establishments in Malton are dog-friendly. It’s known as one of the UK’s most dog-friendly towns because of its dog-friendly cafes, pubs, and hotels. 

Malton is recognized as the culinary capital of North Yorkshire, therefore if you love food, you should pay it a visit. You can even send your dog to a day spa in its Animal Art Gallery. Alternatively, if you like to work up a sweat after all the feasting, you can go to the Workhouse Gym, which allows you to bring your dog along.

4. Lake District, Cumbria

The Lake District in Cumbria provides lots of opportunities for dogs to experience nature while their owners sail a dinghy. If you’re traveling in your RV or caravan, there’s a caravan park at Ulswater, one of the Lake District’s largest lakes. 

You can also visit the Eskdale and Ravenglass steam railway, set on the southwestern corner of the Lake District. Your dog can join you on board if you pay a small fee.   

5. Northumberland

Northumberland is very abundant in scenic views. If you want to take a stroll by the ocean or go to the highlands for a mountain and hill hike, there are many locations in Northumberland that you and your dog may explore. 

Northumberland is one of the UK’s best places to visit, especially for those who love the outdoors and nature. If you’re also traveling with kids, there are so many hikes that can be broken down into smaller activities, perfect for travelers of all ages. 

6. The Cotswolds

6 Dog-Friendly Destinations In The UK

Whether you’re on a budget or up for a more luxurious holiday, the Cotswolds may be the ideal place to visit due to its dog-friendly hotels and pubs. It will definitely be a treat for the holidays for you and your dog. 

When you are around the area, be sure to visit the Cotswolds Water Park, where you can enjoy an inland beach, long miles of footpaths, and densely forested areas for a cozy hike. If you’re up for a good meal, The Cat & Custard Pot is open to serve diners who come along with dogs.  

Get Ready To Travel Around The UK With Your Dog Now!

Have you ever wished that you could travel with your dog? Now is the time to turn that dream into reality. You can achieve this by traveling to dog-friendly destinations, such as those in the UK. As long as logistics and your budget allow for it, you won’t ever have to leave your cherished dog at home again while you go on vacation. Your trip can involve the whole family, including your pet. 

When you travel to dog-friendly locations in the UK, comfortable mattresses, baskets, delectable dinners, and dog goodies are available at your disposal. That said, the UK should be at the top of your list of destinations to visit when going on vacation with your dog.

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