Flying halfway around the world is always exciting, but the flight can take its toll, and many people struggle on long-haul flights, which is understandable.

To make a long-haul flight more bearable and comfortable, you need to have the right items with you in your hand luggage, and opulence and luxury is the way to go here if you want to travel in style.

There are a few items that you should always have on you for a long-haul flight, which can make a big difference to your experience and help you to feel fresh and raring to go when you land.

1. Cashmere Blanket

6 Opulent Case Items For Your Next Long Haul Trip | Cashmere Blanket

A cashmere blanket is a great item to have for a long-haul flight, helping you feel much more comfortable and relaxed. You are often provided with a blanket for longer flights, but this will not prove anywhere near the same level of luxury and comfort that you get with cashmere, which is also lightweight but will help you stay warm. This could also help you get better quality sleep to feel much better when you land.

2. Memory Foam Pillow

6 Opulent Case Items For Your Next Long Haul Trip | Memory Foam Pillow
Image: Etihad

A memory foam pillow is a luxury item that can make all the difference when it comes to comfort and getting some shut-eye. Flights are not the most relaxing environments, and many people struggle to sleep, but a memory foam pillow should help you to overcome this and get some rest. There are some tips for sleeping on a plane from the Telegraph that is useful.

3. Cashmere Socks

6 Opulent Case Items For Your Next Long Haul Trip | Cashmere Socks

Another good cashmere investment to make for long-haul flights is socks. You do not want to wear shoes during a long flight, and cashmere socks will help keep your feet warm without being too bulky. They will also provide good protection from the floor and help your feet to feel warm and cosy at all times.

4. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

6 Opulent Case Items For Your Next Long Haul Trip | Noise-Cancelling Headphones
Image: Boss

There are many distractions on a flight that can make it hard to relax and drain your energy. Noise-cancelling headphones will help you to block out any outside sound so that you can focus entirely on whatever it is you are watching or listening to.

5. Luxury Travel Pack

6 Opulent Case Items For Your Next Long Haul Trip | Cash Lady
Image: Cash Lady

A luxury travel pack will contain everything that you need to travel comfortably and in style. You can see CashLady’s luxury travel pack planner here to work out the best items for your budget, including the best opulent items in each category if you want to blow the budget.

6. Tablet

6 Opulent Case Items For Your Next Long Haul Trip | Tablet

Having a tablet and any accessories that you might also need greatly improve your travel experience. You will often get on-board entertainment, but this will be limited. In contrast, if you have a tablet with plenty of films and TV loaded onto it, then you can have a much more enjoyable experience or spend time working on your travel plan, plus it will be easy to fit into your hand luggage.

If you have these opulent items with you on a long-haul flight, it will greatly improve your experience and help you feel your best upon arrival.

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