6 Things To Look For When Buying Sorority Shirts

Young women and girls take pride in belonging to a prestigious sorority. And what better way to represent your organization at any event or occasion than by wearing custom sorority shirts that loudly represent your chapter’s motto? Before purchasing sorority shirts, knowing what to look for is important. These tips include quality fabric, trendy designs, and colors that match your interest. These tips can help you find the best deal for sorority apparel. You can also find discounts for bulk purchases.

Quality Fabric

When buying sorority shirts, it is important to look for quality fabrics. High-quality fabric is comfortable to wear and suitable for all seasons. It also ensures that prints and colors will last longer. Cheaper clothes tend to fade and need to be replaced more often. Additionally, a high-quality fabric will make your chapter’s shirts appear more vibrant and convey the high standards of the chapter.

When choosing a t-shirt, it is important to consider the shirt’s fabric quality and style. A high-quality fabric will feel comfortable to wear and will breathe well. It is also important to choose a breathable design that will not cause too much discomfort. Also, when buying sorority shirts, ensure that the company provides mock-ups and flexible hours to accommodate your needs.

Trendy Design

Trendy designs are always in style, and it is important to follow these trends when buying sorority shirts. Trendy designs can be anything from hand-drawn designs to bold-styled prints. Other trends include doodle artwork, retro typography, and western illustrations. Regardless of your design, it is important to choose something unique that fits the sorority motto.

A trendy design should be bold and stand out from the crowd. Try using colors that go well with your chapter colors. For example, you can use vibrant oranges and yellows to draw attention to your sorority chapter. You can also include a quote or the letters of your sorority or chapter name on the shirt. The main point is to make your design stand out among other shirts.

Colors That Match Your Interests

When buying sorority shirts, consider the following factors. If you’re planning to wear sorority colors for recruitment, you might want to stick to those colors. If you wear different colors, try choosing ones that match your interests. It will make choosing shirts easier later.

Colors that match your interests are a great idea since they will be visible to prospective members. For instance, if you’re interested in a certain sport, buy a shirt in that color. Similarly, if you’re interested in history, choose colors that match your passions.

Bulk Discounts

Sorority shirts are expensive and can be expensive to buy individually. If you want to buy many shirts at a discount, you should order them in bulk. There are several ways to do this. For example, you can order sweaters and t-shirts for your whole line. You can also order letterman jackets and crossing jerseys for the entire chapter. You can even get shirts customized online.

Embroidered Designs

There are many options for sorority t-shirts, from screen-printed designs to embroidered designs. Embroidered designs can also be a great way to show your sisterhood spirit and support for your chosen organization. Different t-shirts can be customized to show different colors and patterns, while other designs can include logos and bold Greek letters.

Embroidered designs are an excellent way to represent your organization and let the college community know who you are. Embroidery designs are created by inserting patterns into computer software that directs a machine to reproduce the pattern on fabric. It is the most common decorating method today.


Sorority shirts and sweatshirts can be expensive, but you’ll find that many chapters encourage members to purchase them. Unfortunately, some can run as high as $25. If you’re not sure about the price, look at the extras. These can be anything from pictures taken by the sorority photographer to shirts to wear on date nights.

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