7 Best Tips To Make Kratom Tea

Starting the morning with a cup of tea has become a ritual for so many people. It makes you feel refreshed and energized. Instead of taking the regular tea, switching with Kratom tea may offer you several health benefits.

Can a cup of Kratom brew make you feel ready to face the world? Are you interested in knowing the answer? Read ahead to know about the beverage kicking up a storm among people recently.

A Bit More About Kratom Tea

7 Best Tips To Make Kratom Tea

Before going further, you need to know a little bit more about Kratom Tea. Kratom refers to the tree belonging to the coffee family. The kratom or Mitragyna speciosa tree is native to SouthEast Asia, and the primary cultivation happens in Indonesia. In earlier times, people used to chew the leaves to get relief from pain and other ailments.

But, Kratom leaves have psychoactive properties. Therefore, you need to take them in the suggested dose to avoid any complications. You can Find out more about powder or capsule form in many places. But, many people feel Kratom offers the desired results when you drink it in the form of tea.

Potential Health Benefits Of Drinking Kratom Tea

7 Best Tips To Make Kratom Tea

Kratom is considered a herbal brew by many. While it belongs to the coffee family, it does not contain caffeine concentration, unlike regular tea or coffee. Kratom leaves contain alkaloids that can offer several health benefits.

Among the alkaloids, Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine are the unique components providing potential health benefits. Drinking Kratom tea in small serving sizes may offer you energy and focus. While taking it in bigger serving sizes may provide relief from aches and pains. The larger dose of Kratom may also promote relaxation.

You can find kratom wholesale suppliers offering Kratom in different strains and forms. Before buying, make sure to do proper research on the supplier and the product.

Tips To Make Kratom Tea

Many people have included Kratom tea in their routine. It is an ideal beverage with potential benefits. You can make the tea with ease. But, to get the desired benefits from it, you need to remember a few points. Following them would help you get the most out of the drink.

1.   Use Hot Water

When you make tea, you use boiling water. Kratom tea preparation slightly varies. Instead of using boiling water, you have to opt for hot water. Why? Because alkaloids present in Kratom may destroy at high temperatures. Hence, try not to boil Kratom leaves or powder in water or use boiling water to make the brew. To enjoy the potential health benefits of the tea, use boiled and slightly cooled-off water. You can also heat water and take it off the stove before it boils to make tea.

2.  Add Acid Ingredient

7 Best Tips To Make Kratom Tea

Kratom has alkaloids as its active compounds. The alkaloids contain nitrogen. While alkaloids remain stable, exposing them to high temperatures for a long time can lead to the degradation of the compounds. It can make the brew less potent. Adding an acidic ingredient such as apple cider vinegar or lemon to the tea can help in buffering the chemical reaction causing the breakdown of alkaloid compounds. Also, lemon or ACV can add a refreshing zing to your Kratom tea.

3.   Use Sweetener

Unlike your regular tea, Kratom may protect your well-being. But, it has a bitter taste. Drinking tea with an unpalatable taste may deter you from consuming the tea. It is the reason why many people follow the toss and wash method. It means throwing the Kratom powder into the back of the throat and drinking water to wash it down. Kratom has an earthy taste that can stick to your mouth and throat.

It leads to experiencing a bitter taste in the mouth. To overcome the bitter taste, you can use natural sweeteners such as honey or agave juice. You can also disguise the bitter flavour of the brew by adding citrus zest, ginger, or cinnamon to the tea.

4.  Stir Thoroughly

7 Best Tips To Make Kratom Tea

When you opt for Kratom powder to make tea, you find the powder settling in clumps. It may feel unappetizing to consume this tea. For creating a smooth tea without clumps, you need to stir Kratom powder. The key is to use a small whisk to break the lumps. It may disperse the powder particles evenly.

5.   Dilute Kratom Tea

The intense bitter flavour of Kratom tea early in the morning may feel like a bad idea. To make the taste less bitter, you can add more water to the brew. But, to get the benefits like the usual dose, make sure to drink the entire cup.

6.   Find the Right Dose

While Kratom may help you enhance your health, the key lies in finding the accurate dose. You must start with lower doses and increase it gradually to the suggested dose. Never exceed the Kratom dose, as it can trigger complications.

7.   Get Advice From An Expert

As mentioned earlier, you need to take Kratom in the correct doses. Have you decided to drink Kratom tea to boost your energy and deal with stress? It is better to seek advice from an expert. The expert can help you find the accurate dose and the ways to include it in your routine without triggering any problem.


7 Best Tips To Make Kratom Tea

With more people looking for holistic options to safeguard their health, adding Kratom to the routine may prove beneficial for your well-being. You may enjoy a motivated lifestyle with the inclusion of Kratom tea. Taking Kratom in tea form ensures the release of its active compounds. It makes the brew biocompatible and easy to absorb by the body. First-time users and experienced Kratom users can enjoy the benefits by preparing a simple tea.

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