A Comprehensive Review Of Menhood Razor

Menhood is the creator of the famous men’s ball shaver, and they are now offering a face razor, known as “The SWORD.” A majestic name for a majestic product. Being a proud owner of the men’s ball shaver from Menhood, I decided to purchase this traditional-style razor. But this razor is not like the other razors available in the market. 

It’s unique like Menhood’s mens ball shaver and delivers an outstanding performance. I can tell you one thing. You will not be displeased once you use this razor. It will provide you with a smooth shave, just like the nuts trimmer, and the price is also affordable. 

Just like the nuts trimmer from Menhood, this razor has some unique features, which I would like to share with you through this review. So, let’s dig in, shall we?

Menhood “THE SWORD” Razor: What’s So Good About It?

If you have been using or have used Menhood’s products before, especially its nut trimmer, you are well aware of how great they are. According to my experience, I have listed down some features that make this razor better than the rest. 

Single Blade Performance 

Menhood’s mens ball shaver has a skin protection technology, which is the prime reason for its popularity. It carries a 1st generation single blade with a double-edge safety feature. This means, when you use the razor to get rid of the beard from your face, it will not cut or bruise anymore on your skin. Well, you can say that it’s pretty similar to the menhood trimmer or mens ball shaver. 

Top-Notch Quality 

Let me tell you this, Menhood takes quality pretty seriously!! They want every man to feel comfortable when using their product, which is the same for the Menhood “THE SWORD” razor. They have carefully designed this unique product for men to offer the best results and prevent unwanted skin irritation, itchiness, and redness. 

Rust Resistant 

Ever heard about a razor that doesn’t rust? Of course, you didn’t!!!  Just like how the mens ball shaver has many unique features, the “rust-resistant” is one of the main and unique features of the “THE SWORD” Menhood razor. You will find rust, even if the razor is not used for many months, and it will stay as good as new and will provide you with the best results even if you use it after a year. 

A Comprehensive Review Of Menhood Razor

How To Use The Razor?

Whether it’s a mens ball shaver or a razor, all the products from Menhood are pretty easy to use, and you will feel any type of discomfort while using it. The razor has a precision-weighted handle that will do all the work for you. Just like how you don’t apply too much pressure on the mens ball shaver to do a ball head shave, similarly, you need to put extra pressure on the razor as well. 

Just hold it gently and work it over on your skin to get the skin-close and clean hair that you always wanted. The razor’s blade will glide over the curves of your face smoothly, utilizing one stroke at a time. Each blade has two sides, so you must flip it carefully to begin the shaving work.

The coolest part is that Menhood has designed the razor blade to eliminate all the painful ingrown hair on your face. What’s more? It will also eliminate the razor burn, which you usually experience when you use cheap-quality razors. For the shaving foam, you can go for those from a well-known brand. 

Treating Your Face After Shaving

A Comprehensive Review Of Menhood Razor

You are well aware that when you do a ball head shave with a mens ball shaver, it helps you keep the area clean and away from irritation and redness. Similarly, having a clean shave will keep dryness and itchiness and make you feel refreshed.

But after you have shaved, you still might feel a bit of irritation on your skin. I have listed some useful tips that can help you deal with it properly. These tips are:

  • I always splash cold water on my face right after finishing the shaving work. I will suggest that you splash water as often as you can. Doing so will shut the pores and make your face fresh and clean
  • You can also utilize ACV or apple cider vinegar on your skin for around 30 seconds and then rinse your face with cold water. The acidity of the apple cider vinegar is an excellent way to exfoliate all the dead skin cells.

Final Thoughts

My overall experience with the Menhood’s “THE SWORD” razor was great. To be honest, the product is outstanding, just like the ball head shave trimmer. If you are buying the product, get it from Menhood’s official website and not from anywhere else.

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