A Gentleman’s Guide to Power Dressing

From bold ties to the classic pinstripe suit, here’s how to make an impact at your next meeting with just a few key changes to your wardrobe.

First impressions count. You may not like to hear it, but the fact of the matter is that they do. So, if you need to seriously impress in your next client meeting, or are just gunning for an internal promotion, it’s time to put your best foot forward and dress for the occasion.

Power dressing is a skill. But, to achieve sartorial dominance in the boardroom (in your personal life or even all the way to parliament), we’ve found some simple changes that will take you to the next level of suiting attire. Start thinking big, bold yet elegant — and you’ll be a well-tailored gentleman in no time.

Break Up Your Outfit With A Bold Tie

Red-toned colours have proved to be an extremely powerful psychological tool.

Global-leaders such as Vladimir Putin & the world’s oldest prime minister – Tun Dr. Mahathir for example – conveys power, strength and energy, with a bold red or purple tie forming part of their armour. Remember gents, a bold tie is a vital part of any power dressing ensemble.

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We love these choices in blue and red from Canali, perfect for those looking to exude control without coming across as overpowering. Or, if you’re looking for something that exudes power, opt for this tie from Dolce & Gabbana.

Add An Unexpected Twist With Unique Brooches

Adding a distinctive touch to your power dressing can set you apart from the crowd, and a brooch is an excellent way to do just that. Tucked neatly onto your tie, these brooches add a subtle yet intriguing hint of history and mystery to your ensemble. You can find anything from intricate designs to historical symbols, so choose one that speaks to your personality.

One popular brooch trend for men is the Viking Brooch. This ancient Scandinavian accessory is not only a unique addition to any outfit but it also adds a touch of masculinity and warrior spirit. Whether you prefer an elaborate design or a simpler style, Viking brooches can elevate your power-dressing game to a whole new level.

On the other hand, a classic vintage-inspired lapel pin adds elegance and sophistication to your attire. Whether you opt for a silver or gold design, this small yet statement-making accessory can take your power dressing to the next level.

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More Is More When It Comes To Double-Breasted Jackets

The double-breasted jacket is a daring look but is absolutely ideal for any man who’s out to impress. And this classic sartorial statement will never go out of fashion — whether you’re donning your double-breasted jacket in the boardroom or aboard your yacht.

A Gentleman's Guide to Power Dressing
Bon Zainal Double Breasted Jacket

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This option from Bon Zainal has a versatile formal-to-casual feel thanks to its smart pattern. Alternatively, take your tailoring to the next level and widen those lapels even further for an extra power push with a bespoke option from Lord’s Tailor.

A Gentleman's Guide to Power Dressing
LORD’s Tailor Double Breasted Suit

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Sharpen Up With A Pinstripe Suit

They’re not just for bankers anymore. In fact, the bombastic pinstripe is the epitome of power dressing in all its forms. Those thin white stripes may be subtle, but they elevate the plain navy suit to another level of class and confidence you usually can’t find on the rack.

A Gentleman's Guide to Power Dressing
BOSS Hugo Boss Slim-fit two-piece suit in pinstripe virgin wool

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The streamlined silhouette of this suit from BOSS is amplified through its pinstripes. Or, for an Italian twist on sartorial proceedings, this elegant pinstripe pattern from Boggi Milano offers pomp and style in equal measure.

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Don’t Dial Things Back When It Comes To Pocket Square

The final piece of any powerful outfit is the pocket square. This smallest of garments has the biggest impact on your clothing and can easily transform and make you noticeable in any boardroom or just on the street. Not only is it affordable, and add pops into any outfit, but it will also tell the world that you have absolute control over the way you project your image to the world. To this end, opt for something hand-rolled and Italian-made.

We’d always recommend the Italian brand – whether Ermenegildo ZegnaSalvatore Ferragamo or Giorgio Armani, it is up to you to decide.

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