A Serene Escape: Souki Lodges & Spa in the Heart of Hérault

In the peaceful Cabrières region of Hérault, Souki Lodges & Spa is the creation of Fabien Morcel and Gilles Pascal.

This innovative retreat consists of two individual lodges nestled into the hillside for an authentic experience in the wild.

The founders have meticulously crafted an environment where design, bespoke service, and nature converge to create a haven for rejuvenation.

An Authentic Region for a Return to the Land

Hérault’s untouched beauty seduced Fabien and Gilles. With wild hills, protected vineyards and charming villages, this region is the perfect setting for those who want to relax and get back to nature.

A Serene Escape: Souki Lodges & Spa in the Heart of Hérault

Gilles, with a medical background and Fabien, with interior design and hospitality experience, decided to root themselves in this paradise.

Over three years they developed Souki Lodges & Spa, a project born from their love for the landscape. Named after ‘souquious’, the Occitan term for a vine stump, the lodges are their way of sharing the calm and simplicity of nature.

The Fusion of Man & Nature

At Souki Lodges & Spa, nature isn’t just a backdrop— it’s part of the experience. Fabien and Gilles designed the lodges to blend into the land, to disturb as little as possible. Their approach is cohabitation not domination, so the lodges are the perfect place to observe and interact with the environment.

The design of the lodges reflects this philosophy, using noble materials and designer furniture that merge with the surrounding vegetation. This is as much about human connection as it is about architectural innovation, with many collaborations with local experts and craftsmen.

A Serene Escape: Souki Lodges & Spa in the Heart of Hérault

To achieve their dream Fabien and Gilles met with local stakeholders to find an architecture firm that would respect and preserve the woodland. They ended up in Montpellier where they assembled a team of local talent. Every aspect of Souki Lodges & Spa has been thought through, from the services to the smallest design details.

Two Lodges with Private Pools for a Tête-à-Tête with Nature

South-facing and built into the hillside, each lodge is 50 square meters with an additional 60 square meters of terrace. These elevated lodges made entirely of organic French wood are back to nature.

Guests enter through a mezzanine bedroom, a snug cocoon that leads to a living room opening onto a private terrace with a pool, hot tub and water cannons.

They chose to build only two lodges to offer bespoke, high-end service to each guest. This exclusivity means the environment is peaceful and Fabien and Gilles can focus on every detail of the guest experience.

Gastronomic Delights at Souki Lodges

Gastronomy is an art at Souki Lodges & Spa. Breakfast and dinner are made with organic, seasonal and local products. Every morning guests receive a homemade breakfast with granola, brioches, fruit salad, jams and various egg dishes, all served with organic juice in a beautiful wooden box.

Dinner at Souki Lodges is a culinary experience. Guests can choose from simple chef-prepared meals to elaborate gourmet menus. Each dish, with local flavours and crafted with style can be enjoyed on the private terrace.

Well-being and Relaxation

Well-being is at the heart of the Souki Lodges experience. Guests can enjoy various treatments from experienced therapists, tailored to their needs and desires. Pressure, stretching and effleurage are used to deliver precise and relaxing treatments, in the lodges or on the terrace.

A Serene Escape: Souki Lodges & Spa in the Heart of Hérault

New in 2024 the Janzu® treatment is an exclusive experience. This aquatic art inspired by ancient techniques is a meditative immersion in the private pool.

Led by therapist Cécile, guests will embark on a harmonious aquatic journey, combining the spiritual heritage of Janzu with modern water massage techniques for deep regeneration and well-being.

Various beauty treatments, manicures and pedicures are available to complement the relaxation and well-being of the guests. Every aspect of the stay is designed to contribute to the overall sense of calm and renewal.

An Ode to Nature at Souki Lodges

The area is full of possibilities to discover. The Mourèze Cirque, Saladon Lake and various hiking trails are waiting for you. Guests can also use electric bikes to explore the garrigue, vineyards and villages with a picnic basket prepared by Fabien and Gilles.

Situated at the foot of the Pic de Vissou, Souki Lodges & Spa is located in an area of historical heritage, unique geology and natural beauty. The lodges are a celebration of nature, so guests can get back to basics and reconnect with life.

A Serene Escape: Souki Lodges & Spa in the Heart of Hérault

Souki Lodges & Spa is more than a place to stay, it’s a timeless haven where guests can unwind and get away from daily life.

By offering bespoke services and feeding guests with local products Fabien and Gilles make sure every stay is a sensory journey and guests can get back to the essentials.

Images: Clonecolor

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