A Successful Night In With The Boys

The past year has been challenging in terms of socializing. Restrictions have meant more time in isolation and plenty of time at home, potentially with the rest of your family. It’s true to say that spending time with loved ones has been a wonderful change however many people have felt isolated from friends. With the current restrictions easing, you may be planning some much-needed time with your mates. For the men who are yearning for some ‘lads only’ time, how can you plan the perfect night in?

Pick A Theme

Choosing a party theme may seem like it should be reserved for kid’s parties, but it’s good to have a theme in mind to manage expectations. Think about what your mates are into and activities you enjoy. A games night is a popular choice for some. If you share a love of gaming, you could set up a Fifa football tournament or battle it out in Call of Duty. Make sure you have all the technology together, such as extra controllers, connection devices, and a functional display.

A Successful Night In With The Boys

For non-digital options, you could try a popular card game such as poker. Many happy hours can be spent honing the best poker face and strategizing ways to achieve a successful win. If you’re a bit sketchy about the rules, do some research and make sure you have everything you need. Nothing beats a testosterone-driven competition so make sure that nothing distracts from the serious business of playing poker; turn off phones and limit all distractions.

Food And Drink

Refreshments are important if you’re planning an all-night lads session. You could get some pizzas in to cook in the house, or for the ultimate lazy evening, order in a takeaway. To avoid landing the bill for everything, ask for a contribution if you’re opting for takeaways.

A Successful Night In With The Boys

Stock up on beer! Lads love beer (if you excuse the stereotype). It can be hard to predict how much to get but rest assured, if you run out midway through the evening, there is a solution. Plan ahead and look up alcohol home delivery services such as drinkshouse247.co.uk. Sites like these offer all the favourites; beer, lager, and cider, as well as a good selection of wines. You can also add some snacks to your order, such as cheese, crackers, and even meat!

Protect The Valuables

Whatever the gender, when friends unite and alcohol is flowing, clumsiness can quickly follow, so put away anything you don’t want to be damaged to avoid awkward situations. Make sure snacks don’t require an artful hand-to-mouth negotiation, and consider plastic cups and plates.

Overnight Stay

A Successful Night In With The Boys

If you want to make the lads’ night extra special, you could set up tents in the garden. Take the opportunity to relive your youth and get the sleeping bags out, grab the beer, and head for a night in the wild! (well, the garden). You may want to warn the neighbours of potential merriment and general frivolity, so they’re not rudely awoken.

The opportunity to socialise is increasing, so it’s time to renew connections and start enjoying life once again!