Aline Oliveira and Alicia Arts At Milan Fashion Week

Fashion Curator Veronica Sheynina presented the remarkable selection of international emerging designers during the Milan Fashion Week. The two fashion houses Aline Oliveira (Italy) and Alicia Arts (Egypt) showcased their creations at Milan Fashion Week, representing the perfect combination of sophisticated styles and elegant looks.

The Collection of Aline Oliveira, a Brazilian-born designer based in Rome, was dedicated to the strong independent woman, powerful and sexy rebel Fall-Winter looks are the perfect mix of the Italian elegance and the Latin American sensuality.

Aline Oliveira brings to the Milanese catwalk a sophisticated woman who is not afraid to wear strong colours, like fire red mixed with gold, and proudly shows her seductive shapes. In the new winter season, Aline Oliveira’s incredibly light mini-dresses and almost transparent couture maxi skirts are styled together with the over-sized coats and small jackets which are made from environmental friendly eco-leather and eco-fur.

Behind the brand, Alicia Arts – is a talented Egyptian designer living and working in her country of origin. Alia Abd, Alicia Arts showcased during Milan Fashion Week luxury handbags which combine bold looks with timeless style to offer the most unique, edgy and exquisitely crafted bags.

Her attention to the smallest detail has quickly turned her into one of Egypt’s most in-demand handbag designers. Refined with structured lines and accented with Swarovski crystals and hand-made beads, the Alicia Arts handbag becomes a must-have accessory for fashion followers around the world.



Yassa us a lifestyle and fashion contributor based in the capital of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh. Working internationally as a creative fashion event planner and fashion PR expert in the Middle East and Europe. With a wide experience in high fashion shopping and styling across the GCC Countries.

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