AlphaTauri 3D-Knit Lab at KaDeWe in Berlin

At a private event held in Berlin, AlphaTauri opened its first 3D-Knit Lab pop-up at the famous Kaufhaus des Westens, better known as KaDeWe.

The influence and role that technology plays in our daily lives is practically growing the day. Therefore it is no surprise that fashion, one of the biggest aspects of our lives has been majorly influenced by it. From the way it is made to the way we purchase items of clothing, technology is becoming more integral to the industry than ever before.

What defines long-lasting technology is the effortless integration from the digital world into our physical one. Recently, at the world-famous KaDeWe, we got to experience what the future of retail shopping might look like at the launch of the first AlphaTauri 3D-Knit Lab.

AlphaTauri 3D-Knit-Labs at KaDeWe in Berlin

AlphaTauri, the stand-alone fashion brand of Red Bull, invited 300 guests to see, first hand, the innovative new world of digitally created fashion. The brand, who is well known for its performance based-wear, has partnered with Japanese company Shima Seiki, to create the first AlphaTauri 3D-Knit Lab.

By utilising a 3D-Wholegarment-Knitting-Machine, customers can create knitwear tailored to the individual body profile of the purchaser in the desired colour combination. This bespoke 3D-knitwear innovation allows each piece of clothing to be virtually (excuse the pun) tailor-made to each client’s specifications.

AlphaTauri 3D-Knit-Labs at KaDeWe in Berlin

Exclusively available at KaDeWe, the 3D-Knit-Cashmere-Merino-Capsule-Collection consists of 14 different colour combinations, which can be personalized with initials or emojis in the Pop-Up.

InfluencerMasha Sedgwick commented: “The choice of different colour and personalisation combinations is so great that I could hardly decide. Individuality and uniqueness is what it is all about. The AlphaTauri 3D-Knit Lab offers both customization and personalization!”

But the innovation goes far past the exclusivity and bespoke aspect. If this type of digital clothing production can be rolled out universally, it will help fight the impact “excess clothing” has on the environment. So in other words, instead of having mountains of unwanted clothes after a season’s trends had come and gone, only that which will be purchased was actually manufactured. This, of course, will save an exceptional amount of resources!

Notable attendees included Lisa Tomaschewsky, Andre Maeder, Tanja Guendling, Oliver Mintzlaff, Ahmet Mercan, Masha Sedgwick, Sabin Tambrea, Susanne Wuest, Rabea Schif, Nik Xhelilaj, Gia Haupt, Alyssa Cordes, Kostja Ullmann, Julia Dietze, Timo Weber, Julia Malik, Tom Wlaschiha, Petra Fladenhofer, Anita Tillmann, Alexandra Neldel, David Schuetter, Ludwig Trepte and Tim Lobinger. While guests could mingle and experience the future of fashion first hand, the Berlin-based JD Duo ALYGANY, Gia Cordes and Alyssa
, ensured that the event had some of the best music in Berlin.

The AlphaTauri Spring / Summer 2019 collection represents a full range for men and women, consisting of innovative outerwear, shirts, sweat and knitwear as well as chinos and light trousers. For the first time, the collection will be complemented with the exclusive 3D-Knit capsule designed for the KaDeWe. With the 3D-Performance Knit, AlphaTauri offers bespoke tailored fit: crewneck sweaters for men and women, hooded sweaters for men and a knit dress for women are available in navy, red and black and are priced at 169 and 229 euros.

The garments have functional features like move-fit features or perforations for more breathability. The 3D-Knit-Merino-Cashmere range for men and women is between 189 and 199 euros and boasts 14 spring-like colour combinations of bright coral over rich yellow and rich pink to soft blues and greys.

All models are available in colour block designs or in solid colours and can be personalized on-site with monograms and a selection of hot-pressed emojis.

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