Alternative Areas Of London To Explore

Often when you think of London you think of streets packed with people, busy shops and hectic public transport. Yes, that may be true for the capital’s tourist destinations, but why not look further afield for areas of London you’re yet to explore.

The quieter areas of London sometimes have the best cafes, restaurants and quaint shops within them. As there’s less hustle and bustle, you’ll have time to sit back, relax and enjoy the ambience of causal London life. So, when if you’re planning a trip to the big smoke, here are some alternative areas for you to get exploring.


Alternative Areas Of London To Explore

Perched on the Northern bank of the River Thames is the district of Limehouse. Bursting with history and culture, Limehouse is a brilliant place to visit and enjoy. If you’re wanting somewhere with soul, this is the place for you. There are a variety of pubs, cafes and shops for you to indulge in. And, after a long day, you can take a walk along the river. With plenty of serviced apartments in Limehouse, you’re spoilt for choice when you come and stay.


Peckham has emerged as a funky, up and coming place for young people to live in London. If you’re a natural creative and love exploring the arts – Peckham is for you. There are art galleries galore, showcasing some of the best talents around. What’s more, there are always fun events and shows to watch in Peckham. Whether it’s at a designated venue or in a pub, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing night.


Alternative Areas Of London To Explore

Clapham is a stunning area of London, very popular with those looking for a vibrant place to live. Clapham is a little more expensive than Peckham which might be down to the stunning Clapham common right on your doorstep. With access to the stunning gardens, nightlife and great properties, it’s no wonder Clapham has become increasingly popular over the years.


If you want to divulge in the best food, drink and culture London has to offer – Hackney is the place to go. The diversity in Hackney is beautiful, with residents and visitors both celebrating one another. The markets in Hackney draw the crowds in, so make sure you visit whilst you’re there.

Camden Town

Alternative Areas Of London To Explore

If you’re into fashion and punk culture – make sure you visit Camden Town. It boasts a wealth of amazing vintage shops and cool bars to enjoy. And, whilst it is on the tourist trail, it’s never as busy as the centre of the city, allowing you to walk around and enjoy the sights in your own time.