Alternative Destinations to Add to Your 2023 Travel List

As travel restrictions begin to ease, wanderlust is reignited, and many are eagerly planning their next adventure.

However, with the growing concern of over-tourism, more and more travellers are seeking out lesser-known destinations and off-season escapes that offer authentic experiences while prioritizing sustainability.

In this article, we’ll highlight some alternative destinations that you may want to add to your travel list for 2023.

Patmos: A Serene Alternative to Mykonos

If you’re seeking an idyllic Greek island that exudes luxury and adventure without the crowds, then Patmos is the perfect alternative to popular destinations like Mykonos.

Alternative Destinations to Add to Your 2023 Travel List

Located in the Dodecanese complex, this small but picturesque island offers a slower pace of life, inviting visitors to explore its religious past while enjoying its cosmopolitan present.

A stay at the five-star Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa, the island’s only luxury resort, provides a perfect base for discovering the island’s hidden gems, including its wild Mediterranean beauty. Rates start from £107 on a B&B basis.

Fethiye: A Secluded Retreat in Turkey

For travellers who want to bask in unobstructed views of the Aegean and indulge in mouth-watering Mediterranean cuisine, Fethiye should be on your radar.

The new chic boutique retreat, Yazz Collective, offers a serene backdrop for reconnecting with friends and family, with resident DJs providing the soundtrack to unforgettable evenings.

Alternative Destinations to Add to Your 2023 Travel List

The resort is set within its private bay and is accessible only by sea, attracting both the yacht set and cool creatives. Private boat trips around the 12 surrounding islands are the perfect way to explore the region. For further information, visit

Tunis: The Allure of Marrakech Without the Crowds

Tunis offers the allure of Marrakech without the crowds, making it an ideal choice for a year-round short-haul escape.

The Residence Tunis is perfectly positioned to explore the city’s historic treasures, including the Archaeological Site of Carthage and the charming coastal town of Sidi Bou Saïd.

Alternative Destinations to Add to Your 2023 Travel List

The resort just launched its ‘Yoga & Mindfulness’ retreat combining meditation, spirituality, and nutrition. Home to one of the region’s finest 18-hole golf courses, five gourmet restaurants, and a 3,500 sqm Thalasso Spa, The Residence is the ultimate base to explore from. Rates start from £201 on a B&B basis.

Parga: A Hidden Gem in Greece

Nestled in the Epirus region in north-western Greece, Parga offers all the charisma of more popular European destinations without the crowds.

The Parga Beach Resort, located on a secluded bay overlooking the Ionian Sea, offers direct access to blue-flag Valtos Beach and is just a short walk or water taxi ride into the quaint town.

The resort is unveiling 23 luxury suites with private balconies, terraces, and plunge pools for a true sense of seclusion. Discover all the region has to offer with a variety of experiences, including kayaking adventures and boat trips to neighbouring Paxos. Rates start from £116 on a B&B basis.

Alternative Destinations to Add to Your 2023 Travel List

Why Choose Alternative Destinations?

The rise of over-tourism has made many travellers rethink their destination choices, leading to the growing popularity of off-season escapes and lesser-known destinations.

According to Virtuoso®, sustainable travel is a top-of-mind concern among travellers, particularly Gen Z and Millennials, who are willing to pay more for eco-friendly tourism practices and travel that preserves natural and cultural heritage.

Choosing alternative destinations not only offers unique and authentic experiences but also supports local communities and helps protect the environment.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while it’s tempting to revisit old favourites or jet off to popular destinations, 2023 presents an opportunity to explore alternative destinations that offer authentic experiences and prioritize sustainability.

Whether it’s a serene retreat in Fethiye, a luxury stay in Patmos, or an adventure in Parga, these hidden gems are sure to provide a unique and memorable travel experience.

Plus, by choosing alternative destinations, you can support local communities and help protect the environment while creating unforgettable memories. So why not add one of these destinations to your 2023 travel list?

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