Amazing Two Piece Sets Ideas For 2022

Fashionable styles of the season.

Designers offer stylish options for suits with shorts. Models are designed taking into account the seasons and the characteristics of the figures. Business style of clothing, classics, as well as casual are in demand. Fashion houses produce products for every day, for sports and special occasions.


Popular two piece sets are a top or a blouse with shorts decorated with wide pockets and cuffs. A summer suit with shorts makes it possible to experiment with looks. For curvaceous forms, it is recommended to wear a model up to the knees. A jacket and a vest were added to summer clothes, the length of which covers the hips.

A suit with skirt shorts looks elegant. A flared bottom or a wrap skirt is in harmony with a jacket, top, blouse made of thin material.


Models made of velour, velvet, or denim have long migrated from the summer to the demi-season. Thick fabrics such as tweed make it possible to wear sets with shorts even in winter. Such comfortable clothes are relevant for women with an active lifestyle. The most common combination is a suit with shorts and a jacket. The top is selected in a laconic style. Kits come in the form of twos and threes. The addition of a vest is in line with business clothes. Velour outfits have a truly chic look.

A jacket or blazer with cropped sleeves and long shorts is a great choice for an evening look. The elegant Chanel tandem is crafted from bouclé fabric and has a clean silhouette.

Colors And Prints

Amazing Two Piece Sets Ideas For 2022
Zebra Print Wide Leg Trousers by Boohoo | £22

Fashion is changeable and every year brings new surprises. The colors offered this season are well combined and fit into any wardrobe. Yellow, brown, orange (closer to tangerine), pale pink, blue, green, plum, red shades are in demand. Basic white, black and beige tones do not lose their relevance. Things look stylish in stripes, in a box, with ethnic, floral motifs, and with inscriptions. Stylists advise postponing aggressive prints, focusing on tenderness and simplicity. Blue and pink shades look extraordinary together.

Contrast is created in clothing or accessories. The tandem of white and pink will add a touch of romance to the image. Combine yellow and blue elements carefully. The first should be bright and the second muted.

Everyday Options

A suit, shorts, and a T-shirt are suitable for an everyday look in warm weather. The top is matched with a laconic print. A plain T-shirt is also appropriate, which will complement a striped jacket with flowers, abstract or ethnic patterns. Summer suits, consisting of shorts and a top, look spectacular. Sports, youth, beach, urban styles are acceptable here.

Tops with flounces, multicolored prints, outfits, ties, and lace trim are the characteristic motifs of the season. For a beach look, wear a tank top with skirt shorts.

For a sporty look, the models are made of satin and nylon with a free cut. The demi-season version is offered in the form of a tight-fitting bottom and a jacket with a zipper. A warm jacket and knee-length shorts are recommended for autumn walks and cool summer evenings. Denim sets are an indispensable item for your everyday look.

Evening Style

Amazing Two Piece Sets Ideas For 2022

A white set made of expensive fabric will create the mood for going to a restaurant or for a party. The ensemble will be complemented by a small handbag and light sandals with high heels. A dark blue suit with a cropped bottom, red straight cuts, black suits with a fitted cut, monochromatic options with a deep neckline, an open back, and lacing is not all new items for making a memorable holiday outfit. For a festive appearance, products with a floral print are also acceptable.

When choosing an outfit, follow the recommendations of the designers and your own taste. High-quality materials and laconic accessories will complement the image of a socialite. Clothes of delicate colors with an airy finish are worn by young girls. This outfit will accentuate the freshness and beauty. Fashionistas who prefer outrageous style directions are invited to complement the leather suit with heeled boots.

Office Outfits

A business lady should pay attention to both the style and the material from which the clothes are sewn. Designers advise using velvet and silk in an office outfit, which will emphasize the dignity of the appearance, give brightness, make the look expressive, but not flashy. The second thing to consider is the type of shorts. The strict dress code assumes a skirt length just above the knee. Shorts are matched to the same length. The preference is given to a straight and semi-fitted silhouette.

A muted color scheme without multi-colored patterns fits into a business wardrobe. An office outfit assumes full immersion in work, so plainclothes is preferable to colored ones. If you want to diversify the look, use accessories: a wide belt, a scarf, a tie in a contrasting color, or a small print.

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