Are Copper Bathtubs Healthy?

Want to put a bathtub in your bathroom? Do you want to have an intimate place where you can relax after a long and hard day’s work, and know that it’s hygienic and healthy? Do you want to invest in your health and relaxation?

Bathtubs are not so easy to install if your bathroom is already small enough. Moreover, it can take a lot of money to do it. Nevertheless, it is an investment you should consider, especially if you want to improve your health.

So, if you’re wondering which bathtub to choose, we’re here to help! You will get the answers to the question, “are copper bathtubs healthy, and are they the best choice?”

Enhancing Your Health

Are Copper Bathtubs Healthy?

There are many types of bathtubs, but not all of them are suitable for all types of bathrooms. Neither do all of them enhance your health. In addition to the cost, the placement, the style, your taste, and your choice, you should also consider which one is right for your health. Even if it means spending money to get the one that is the most healthy, you should give it serious consideration. 

Antibacterial Properties

For one, copper bathtubs exude a vintage and rustic air that cannot be copied from an ordinary white model. If you’re wondering if copper is a durable and suitable material for a bathtub, the answer is yes!

Copper bathtubs are mold-resistant, antibacterial, eco-friendly, have excellent heat retention, and enjoy an incredibly long lifespan. They are quite compact and can fit into most bathrooms. In addition, their bright color will add to the atmosphere and make the place comfortable, instead of being boring and closed.

The Healthy Choice

Are Copper Bathtubs Healthy?

When choosing materials for your bathtub, you have many possibilities: porcelain, marble, synthetics, glass, steel, and, of course, also copper. Although copper is a metal, its appearance is warmer than that of steel, and so many people prefer it. It is also naturally resistant to bacteria as suggested above, making it a very healthy choice for the bathroom or kitchen.

Its Durability And Resistant To Corrosion

In practical terms, copper has been and is one of the most valuable and useful materials for man since ancient times. In archaeological excavations carried out at the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt, pieces of a system of copper pipes have been recovered that, after more than five thousand years, were still in good condition for use. This exemplifies its durability and sustainability.

Copper is ductile, corrosion-resistant, very malleable, and easily recyclable. In alloy with other metals, it can acquire additional characteristics of higher hardness and tensile strength to express its true durability. 

Its ability to conduct heat also makes it an ideal material for plumbing and accessories. When hot water comes into contact with a sink or copper bathtub, the walls heat up quickly and stay that way for a while. For this same reason, it is used for the pipes of heating systems.

Safe To Use

Are Copper Bathtubs Healthy?

Copper pipes are also used to supply water to homes. Now, why would that be the case, if it was not healthy to consume? As said before, copper itself allows inhibition of the growth of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, thus contributing to conserving the quality of the water that you bathe with and drink.

Copper is very easy to maintain and, as we have seen, resistant to corrosion. Outside, if it has not been treated, copper acquires a precious green patina, which protects it naturally.

Restores Joint Tissue

Copper bathtubs are highly resilient and can last for years. Copper itself is known for restoring connective and joint tissue. It helps to reduce inflammation. People with sports injuries, tendonitis, osteoporosis, rheumatism, and arthritis show improvement with the use of copper supplements.

The same is true if they use a copper bathtub every day. Each time the ailing person takes a bath in a copper tub, the skin absorbs tiny amounts of copper, helping to improve their sickness or injury without any side effects. 


So, the answer has been provided. Copper bathtubs are healthy as well as copper itself. You can be more confident now in your choice of copper if you are trying to decide which bathtub to purchase. 

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