Argentina – Luxury Guide To Visiting Patagonia

Argentina is a varied country with so much to offer. From gigantic glaciers to thundering waterfalls and impressive open plains, you will find plenty to discover in this vast country.

If you want to combine thrilling adventures with luxury on your trip to the Patagonia Region, here’s a guide designed for travellers who love to indulge in five-star experiences while discovering what Argentina can offer.

Luxurious Places To Stay In Argentina

Argentina - Luxury Guide To Visiting Patagonia

When planning a luxury trip to Argentina, the first step is to look for luxurious places to stay. Thankfully, Argentina offers an abundance of luxurious accommodations to suit all tastes. From five-star hotels in Buenos Aires to luxury lodges surrounded by stunning vineyards, Argentina has something to delight upscale travellers.

Buenos Aires, Argentina’s sophisticated capital city, is an ideal base for your holiday to the Patagonia region. It’s home to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, such as the Park Hyatt. Located in the upscale Recoleta district, the most fashionable residential neighbourhood of the city, Park Hyatt is a chateau-style hotel offering world-class service and first-class amenities. It features a Neoclassical Palace-style building with a lovely terrace overlooking beautiful gardens that you’ll feel like royalty when staying in this hotel.

If you want to sleep surrounded by breathtaking vineyards, stay in the Cavas Wine Lodge. Set at the Andean foothills, it has grand villas with a plunge pool, patio, rooftop terrace, and wood-burning fireplace. Spend your day horseback riding through the vineyards and tasting delectable wines. After a day of adventure, indulge in a relaxing spa and dine at the on-site restaurant recognized for its seasonal and organic fares.

2. Luxurious Places To Eat In Argentina

Argentina - Luxury Guide To Visiting Patagonia

Argentina is hardly short of places to dine out. Argentines have a reputation for their love of eating out, and social gatherings are often centred around a delicious meal. For luxury travellers looking somewhere a bit upmarket to dine, whether celebrating a special occasion or just for a treat, Argentina has plenty of luxurious restaurants you should check out.

When luxury dining in Buenos Aires, most would head to Elena Restaurant, the in-house restaurant of the luxurious Four Seasons Hotel, a 5-star hotel in the upscale district of Recoleta. Diners can choose from a wide selection of Argentine specialities, including local favourite meats and exotic dry-aged precision-cut steaks.

From Argentine Kobe beef to the highest quality pork and other meats, in addition to seafood and fish, Elena Restaurant will satisfy your cravings for Argentine dishes. Its most popular dishes include lamb chorizo ​​a la pomarola and Dry-aged T-bone steak.

Parrilla Don Julio is the best restaurant for those who want to indulge in local Argentine cuisine with a fine-dining twist. The steak house is located in the bohemian district of Buenos Aires and is famous for its premium grilled meat served with organic veggies and produce of the season, locally grown for the restaurant. 

3. How To Plan A Luxury Trip To Argentina 

Argentina - Luxury Guide To Visiting Patagonia

It’s easy to plan a luxury trip to Argentina mainly because it offers numerous activities geared to upscale travellers looking to indulge in luxury. But if you want to take the stress out of planning your trip, consider booking excellent luxury travel to Argentina, including everything you need for your holiday, including luxury accommodations and activities. 

Most of the luxury tours to Argentina will begin in the sophisticated city of Buenos Aires and into the enchanting town of Bariloche in the Patagonia region. A private driver and local guide will pick you up from the airport and take you to the most evocative neighbourhood of Buenos Aires for a sightseeing tour. Some of the top attractions to visit are Teatro Colon, Plaza de Mayo, and Recoleta Cemetery. It will include stops at world-class restaurants and vibrant shopping districts for some retail therapy.

From Buenos Aires, you’ll continue your tour to Bariloche, a picturesque resort town in the Lake District of northern Patagonia. You will stay at one of the region’s most luxurious lodges with spectacular lakes and mountain views. Depending on your interests, your tour can include hiking through the forest and taking boat rides to the lake.

4. Relaxing By The Coastline In Argentina

Argentina - Luxury Guide To Visiting Patagonia

If you want a holiday that’s pure relaxation, you should stay by the coastline of Argentina. While it may not often top the list for having the world’s best beaches, it is home to picturesque coastal cities and lovely beach towns, offering the perfect setting to relax and unwind. 

Mar del Plata is a vast city offering something to everyone. You can spend your days lounging by the beach, swimming in the ocean, and hiking along the coast. The city is also home to luxury hotels with superb ocean views. You’ll find hotels by the beach with facilities like a sauna and spa, where you can indulge in luxury massages. Mar del Plata is also famous for hosting many fun events all year-round, such as outdoor concerts and shows. At night, the city comes alive with its many beachside bars, restaurants, and clubs.

Mar de las Pampas is a lovely coastal town in Villa Gesell, Buenos Aires province. Aside from its beautiful beaches, it has bustling markets where you can soak up the local culture and indulge in delectable Argentinian dishes. The town is also famous for its fun outdoor activities like hiking, horseback riding, and numerous water sports.

5. Most Luxurious Areas In Argentina

Argentina has many upscale neighbourhoods to indulge in luxuries. In Buenos Aires, the wealthy would gather in Recoleta, a chic neighbourhood home to impressive buildings featuring French architecture. It’s also where you’ll find the country’s most luxurious hotels, such as the Park Hyatt and Four Seasons. 

Recoleta is also an ideal place for some retail therapy. You can shop at luxury brands setting up their stores at the former mansions or dine at the city’s most upscale restaurants. Recoleta is a fun place to wander around, where you will also find art galleries, museums, and some of Buenos Aires’ top attractions.

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