Authentic Local Cuisine at HOME Hanoi

Viet Deli, the renowned restaurant company in Vietnam, has relocated its HOME restaurants in Hanoi and Hoi An to new, exquisite venues.

The HOME Hanoi restaurant, which was the first to debut under Viet Deli’s banner in 2015 at 34 Chau Long Street, has moved to a grand four-story French villa located at 75 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street.

Meanwhile, HOME Hoi An has reopened at 14 La Hoi Street, in Hoi An’s Ancient Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site on Vietnam’s central coast.

HOME Hanoi and HOME Hoi An specialize in serving authentic local Hanoian and Hoi An cuisine, respectively, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

The move to new premises provides diners with a charming atmosphere where they feel welcomed into a friendly family home, offering authentic local dishes to be shared between family and friends.

The New Homes

HOME Hanoi

HOME Hanoi reopened on January 9 this year in a grand four-story French villa, situated down a quaint lane that gives way to a private courtyard strung with lanterns.

Authentic Local Cuisine at HOME Hanoi

Catering for up to 120 diners, the meticulously maintained villa’s interior is defined by brickwork, timber beams and Vietnamese art. HOME Hanoi’s signature dishes include ‘Phở cuốn Hà Thành’ (Hanoian ‘phở’ noodles with beef spring rolls), ‘Bún chả phố cổ’ (Hanoian grilled pork with rice noodle), and ‘Vịt nướng riềng sả’ (traditional char-grilled duck).


HOME Hoi An reopened on February 2 this year, at 14 La Hoi Street in Hoi An’s Ancient Town. The new villa is bathed in a distinctive golden hue, like most of the Ancient Town.

The restaurant caters to 120 diners, with a 19th-century-themed interior adorned with lanterns, vintage photography of Hoi An, and more. Some of HOME Hoi An’s popular dishes include ‘Bánh ướt cuốn thịt nướng’ (steamed Hoi An rice paper with caramelized pork rolls), ‘Tôm sú xào rau tập tàng’ (stir-fried prawns with local vegetable), and ‘Cao lầu bá lễ’ (traditional Hoi An noodles with Char-siu pork).

Ngon Gallery Nha Trang

Viet Deli’s restaurant Ngon Gallery Nha Trang, located at Citadines Bayfront Nha Trang Hotel at 62 Tran Phu along Nha Trang beach, is dedicated to serving lobster with live cooking stations that serve up Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Western, and Chinese cuisine.

Authentic Local Cuisine at HOME Hanoi

The buffet menu includes fresh locally-sourced seafood such as lobster, tiger prawns, oysters, crabs, scallops, fish, octopus, mussels, and clams, meats such as steak, lamb, pork, and chicken, as well as vegetarian dishes.


Viet Deli has established a diverse mix of successful restaurants in Vietnam since its inception in 2015.

HOME Hanoi, HOME Hoi An, and Ngon Gallery Nha Trang consistently rank among the top 10 dining venues in their respective destinations on TripAdvisor.

The move to new and exquisite premises for HOME Hanoi and HOME Hoi An has enhanced the charm of these restaurants while providing diners with more spacious and better-located venues.

The authentic local cuisine with fresh locally sourced ingredients will continue to be the highlight of these

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