Unforgettable Autumn Getaways: Explore Spain’s Paradores

As the leaves begin to turn and the air takes on a crisper note, families seeking an extraordinary autumn escape need look no further than Spain.

With its temperate climate, convenient direct flight routes, and a wealth of family-friendly destinations and unique attractions, Spain promises an unforgettable adventure.

One of the key players in making this vacation exceptional is Paradores Hotels & Restaurants, a state-run network known for its cultural and historic establishments.

Segovia Near Madrid: A Disney Fairytale Palace Awaits

Segovia, a historic city in northwest Madrid, holds UNESCO World Heritage Site status. It boasts a mesmerizing Roman Aqueduct, Renaissance palaces with secretive courtyards, and a fairytale fortress known as the Alcazar.

Remarkably, this very castle is said to have inspired Walt Disney‘s iconic Cinderella castle.

Unforgettable Autumn Getaways: Explore Spain's Paradores

Parador de La Granja is a stunning 18th-century building located just 6 miles from Segovia. Set within the royal palace’s grounds, this former summer residence for monarchs offers accommodation. Guests can embark on a tour of Segovia’s “Disney” fortress, Alcazar. Cross its iconic drawbridge, ascend its tower, and gaze out from numerous towers, turrets, and spires, enjoying panoramic views that stretch to the Guadarrama mountains.

Mojácar Near Almeria: Beach Days and Water Sports Galore

Mojácar, a charming southern Spanish town outside of Almeria, boasts a pristine natural beach. Families can indulge in activities like sailing, fishing, and water skiing.

Unforgettable Autumn Getaways: Explore Spain's Paradores

Parador de Mojácar is a modern property that harmonizes with the town’s traditional white-washed buildings. With family-friendly rooms, a children’s play area, and a paddling pool, it caters to all ages. Additionally, wellness facilities, including a sauna and solarium, ensure relaxation.

Explore the Natural Park of Cabo de Gata, just 20 minutes away. This area features volcanic cliffs, coves, and beaches, making it a hotspot for water sports enthusiasts, birdwatchers, and hikers.

Alcalá de Henares Near Madrid: A Journey Back in Time on a Medieval Train

Alcalá de Henares, a UNESCO World Heritage Site just outside Madrid, is a city steeped in history and culture. Home to Spain’s oldest university and the celebrated writer Miguel de Cervantes, it offers a quieter yet rich experience for families. The city’s tapas culture and the “Mercado Cervantino,” a 17th-century-style street market, add to its charm.

Unforgettable Autumn Getaways: Explore Spain's Paradores

Parador de Alcalá de Henares, a former 17th-century school and student lodgings, is located just 20 minutes from the airport. The hotel has been modernized to include spacious family rooms and a spa to ensure relaxation. Embark on a journey through time aboard the RENFE medieval train to Madrid or Siguenza. Enjoy the Middle Ages of the Troubadours with musical and theatrical entertainment, traditional sweets, and pastries.

Fuente Dé Near Santander: Nature’s Playground

Fuente Dé, a mountain village nestled in the Picos de Europa mountain range in Cantabria, is a haven for families who love nature and hiking. It’s also an ideal spot to spot rare species such as the endangered Griffon Vulture and Golden Eagle.

Unforgettable Autumn Getaways: Explore Spain's Paradores

Parador de Fuente Dé is a modern mountain shelter located right next to the cable car. Offering warm, cosy interiors and a children’s play area with breathtaking mountain views, the Parador provides an unforgettable experience. Partake in the Parador’s nature-based activities, including family-friendly guided walks that blend drawing and photography workshops, beekeeping, forest bathing, and more.

Salamanca Near Madrid: A Historic Immersion

Salamanca, southwest of Madrid, features a UNESCO-listed city centre with a prestigious 12th-century university, two cathedrals, and a celebrated Roman bridge. It’s an ideal destination for families seeking an immersive historical experience.

Unforgettable Autumn Getaways: Explore Spain's Paradores

Parador de Salamanca is a modern and elegant building that offers easy access and exceptional city views from its garden and spacious bedrooms. Engage in a game of “Spot the Frog.” As Spain’s oldest university, students have long sought the intricate stone frog among the carvings at the university’s entrance. Today, tourists spend hours hoping to catch a glimpse.

In conclusion, Spain’s diverse and enchanting destinations, paired with the unparalleled hospitality of Paradores Hotels & Restaurants, offer families a unique and unforgettable autumn experience. From the fairytale allure of Segovia’s castle to the natural wonders of Fuente Dé and the historical immersion in Alcalá de Henares and Salamanca, these remarkable getaways promise adventure, culture, and relaxation. With Paradores, you not only embark on a journey through Spain’s rich heritage but also create lasting memories with your loved ones. Pack your bags and embark on a Spanish adventure like no other, where every moment becomes a cherished story. Your extraordinary autumn getaway awaits with Paradores.

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