Battersea Power Station’s Cultural Extravaganza

This exclusive event, known as EA Festival x Battersea Power Station: Avatars of Style, promises an array of cultural interviews and engaging panel discussions.

In a unique and captivating event, scheduled for Tuesday, 17th October 2023, the public will have an extraordinary opportunity to delve into the historic Control Room A, a 1930s Art Deco masterpiece that once distributed power throughout London.

Exploring Control Room A: A Journey into the Past

Control Room A, an architectural gem from the Art Deco era, will serve as the backdrop for a series of enlightening talks featuring prominent figures in the realms of art, fashion, cuisine, literature, and lifestyle.

The distinguished lineup of speakers includes Ruth Rogers, the renowned culinary icon and founder of the River Café, and Tristram Hunt, director of the esteemed Victoria and Albert Museum.

Battersea Power Station's Cultural Extravaganza

Among the highlights is a panel discussion titled ‘Fashion – Past, Present & Future,’ which will offer an insightful exploration of the dramatic evolution of fashion over the last decade.

Additionally, the event will present ‘Lagos x London,’ a discussion led by three influential Nigerian-British cultural icons, including Jimi Famurewa, shedding light on the growing impact of Nigerian culture in the UK and across the globe.

A Glimpse into History

The event’s venue, Control Room A, is a living testament to a bygone era when it held the reins of power distribution across London, from the vibrant streets of Carnaby to the leafy expanses of Wimbledon.

This iconic chamber, constructed between 1929 and 1931, is a marvel of Art Deco design, characterized by teak parquet flooring arranged in an exquisite herringbone pattern.

Its walls boast grey Italian marble tiles, complemented by elegant black Belgian marble accents. The pièce de résistance is the coffered glass ceiling, adorned with a resplendent coat of gold paint.

Battersea Power Station's Cultural Extravaganza

Control Room A has been masterfully repurposed into a unique events space within Battersea Power Station, a Grade II* listed landmark that opened its doors to the public in October 2022. Nestled at the heart of a thriving 42-acre riverside neighbourhood, visitors can now explore the restored Power Station for the very first time.

The site offers an array of attractions, including over 100 shops, bars, and restaurants, along with one-of-a-kind leisure experiences like Lift109.

This remarkable chimney lift transports visitors a staggering 109 meters to the summit of the building’s northwest chimney, treating them to breathtaking 360-degree vistas of the London skyline.

EA Festival: A Beacon of Creativity

EA Festival, a prestigious platform for ideas and the performing arts in the East of England, traditionally calls Hedingham Castle home, located on the picturesque border of Essex and Suffolk. Celebrated for its high-calibre speakers and diverse programming, EA Festival spans an array of disciplines, encompassing literature, regenerative agriculture, spoken word, and more. In an exciting collaboration with Battersea Power Station, Avatars of Style marks the festival’s inaugural venture into the vibrant cultural landscape of London.

Kate Boothman-Meier, Head of Communications & Marketing at Battersea Power Station Development Company (BPSDC), expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “Since opening the Power Station in October last year, we have welcomed more than eight million people, which reflects the huge demand we are seeing to explore this unique landmark and the interest in its remarkable history and exciting future. As one of the most culturally significant buildings in London, saved from ruin after years of failed development, this is a fitting setting to bring together cultural leaders across multiple disciplines to discuss a variety of engaging topics.”

Joanne Ooi, Founder of EA Festival, echoed this sentiment, saying, “EA Festival is thrilled to be partnering with Battersea Power Station. The Power Station is a historic, cultural icon that’s emblematic of London’s dynamism and creative leadership. Thus, it’s a very fitting location to showcase some of the city’s and, indeed, the globe’s, top leaders in culture. The event also gives us an opportunity to bring a slice of what we do in East Anglia to London.”

A Journey through Time

In addition to the captivating talks, attendees will have the privilege of embarking on guided tours of Battersea Power Station, each session shedding light on the landmark’s storied history and its remarkable transformation.

Battersea Power Station's Cultural Extravaganza

Reaching this vibrant riverside neighbourhood is a breeze, thanks to the Zone 1 Battersea Power Station Underground station, offering a convenient 15-minute journey to both the West End and the City.

Battersea Power Station also boasts its very own Uber Boat by Thames Clippers pier, with a mere 15-minute commute from Embankment, 20 minutes from Blackfriars, 30 minutes from Putney, and 40 minutes from Canary Wharf.

Whether by bus, bike, car, or train, this riverside enclave is easily accessible, ensuring that visitors can effortlessly join in the festivities.


The convergence of history, culture, and creativity at Control Room A within Battersea Power Station is a testament to London’s enduring dynamism and innovation. As this iconic venue opens its doors to the public, it invites all to partake in a journey through time, exploring the past while embracing the future.

With EA Festival x Battersea Power Station: Avatars of Style as the catalyst, this event promises to be a celebration of art, fashion, literature, and lifestyle—a testament to the power of culture in shaping our world.

So, mark your calendars for the 17th of October 2023, and join us in unlocking the secrets of this Art Deco marvel. It’s an experience you won’t want to miss.

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